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 | Copyright (C) 2002 Dan A. Jackson 
 | This file is part of the "openclit" library for processing .LIT files.
 | "Openclit" is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 | it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 | the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 | (at your option) any later version.
 | This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 | but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 | GNU General Public License for more details.
 | You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 | along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 | Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
 | The GNU General Public License may also be available at the following
 | URL: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html

static unsigned long SP1[64] = {
0x02080800L, 0x00080000L, 0x02000002L, 0x02080802L,
0x02000000L, 0x00080802L, 0x00080002L, 0x02000002L,
0x00080802L, 0x02080800L, 0x02080000L, 0x00000802L,
0x02000802L, 0x02000000L, 0x00000000L, 0x00080002L,
0x00080000L, 0x00000002L, 0x02000800L, 0x00080800L,
0x02080802L, 0x02080000L, 0x00000802L, 0x02000800L,
0x00000002L, 0x00000800L, 0x00080800L, 0x02080002L,
0x00000800L, 0x02000802L, 0x02080002L, 0x00000000L,
0x00000000L, 0x02080802L, 0x02000800L, 0x00080002L,
0x02080800L, 0x00080000L, 0x00000802L, 0x02000800L,
0x02080002L, 0x00000800L, 0x00080800L, 0x02000002L,
0x00080802L, 0x00000002L, 0x02000002L, 0x02080000L,
0x02080802L, 0x00080800L, 0x02080000L, 0x02000802L,
0x02000000L, 0x00000802L, 0x00080002L, 0x00000000L,
0x00080000L, 0x02000000L, 0x02000802L, 0x02080800L,
0x00000002L, 0x02080002L, 0x00000800L, 0x00080802L
static unsigned long SP2[64] = {
0x40108010L, 0x00000000L, 0x00108000L, 0x40100000L,
0x40000010L, 0x00008010L, 0x40008000L, 0x00108000L,
0x00008000L, 0x40100010L, 0x00000010L, 0x40008000L,
0x00100010L, 0x40108000L, 0x40100000L, 0x00000010L,
0x00100000L, 0x40008010L, 0x40100010L, 0x00008000L,
0x00108010L, 0x40000000L, 0x00000000L, 0x00100010L,
0x40008010L, 0x00108010L, 0x40108000L, 0x40000010L,
0x40000000L, 0x00100000L, 0x00008010L, 0x40108010L,
0x00100010L, 0x40108000L, 0x40008000L, 0x00108010L,
0x40108010L, 0x00100010L, 0x40000010L, 0x00000000L,
0x40000000L, 0x00008010L, 0x00100000L, 0x40100010L,
0x00008000L, 0x40000000L, 0x00108010L, 0x40008010L,
0x40108000L, 0x00008000L, 0x00000000L, 0x40000010L,
0x00000010L, 0x40108010L, 0x00108000L, 0x40100000L,
0x40100010L, 0x00100000L, 0x00008010L, 0x40008000L,
0x40008010L, 0x00000010L, 0x40100000L, 0x00108000L
static unsigned long SP3[64] = {
0x04000001L, 0x04040100L, 0x00000100L, 0x04000101L,
0x00040001L, 0x04000000L, 0x04000101L, 0x00040100L,
0x04000100L, 0x00040000L, 0x04040000L, 0x00000001L,
0x04040101L, 0x00000101L, 0x00000001L, 0x04040001L,
0x00000000L, 0x00040001L, 0x04040100L, 0x00000100L,
0x00000101L, 0x04040101L, 0x00040000L, 0x04000001L,
0x04040001L, 0x04000100L, 0x00040101L, 0x04040000L,
0x00040100L, 0x00000000L, 0x04000000L, 0x00040101L,
0x04040100L, 0x00000100L, 0x00000001L, 0x00040000L,
0x00000101L, 0x00040001L, 0x04040000L, 0x04000101L,
0x00000000L, 0x04040100L, 0x00040100L, 0x04040001L,
0x00040001L, 0x04000000L, 0x04040101L, 0x00000001L,
0x00040101L, 0x04000001L, 0x04000000L, 0x04040101L,
0x00040000L, 0x04000100L, 0x04000101L, 0x00040100L,
0x04000100L, 0x00000000L, 0x04040001L, 0x00000101L,
0x04000001L, 0x00040101L, 0x00000100L, 0x04040000L
static unsigned long SP4[64] = {
0x00401008L, 0x10001000L, 0x00000008L, 0x10401008L,
0x00000000L, 0x10400000L, 0x10001008L, 0x00400008L,
0x10401000L, 0x10000008L, 0x10000000L, 0x00001008L,
0x10000008L, 0x00401008L, 0x00400000L, 0x10000000L,
0x10400008L, 0x00401000L, 0x00001000L, 0x00000008L,
0x00401000L, 0x10001008L, 0x10400000L, 0x00001000L,
0x00001008L, 0x00000000L, 0x00400008L, 0x10401000L,
0x10001000L, 0x10400008L, 0x10401008L, 0x00400000L,
0x10400008L, 0x00001008L, 0x00400000L, 0x10000008L,
0x00401000L, 0x10001000L, 0x00000008L, 0x10400000L,
0x10001008L, 0x00000000L, 0x00001000L, 0x00400008L,
0x00000000L, 0x10400008L, 0x10401000L, 0x00001000L,
0x10000000L, 0x10401008L, 0x00401008L, 0x00400000L,
0x10401008L, 0x00000008L, 0x10001000L, 0x00401008L,
0x00400008L, 0x00401000L, 0x10400000L, 0x10001008L,
0x00001008L, 0x10000000L, 0x10000008L, 0x10401000L
static unsigned long SP5[64] = {
0x08000000L, 0x00010000L, 0x00000400L, 0x08010420L,
0x08010020L, 0x08000400L, 0x00010420L, 0x08010000L,
0x00010000L, 0x00000020L, 0x08000020L, 0x00010400L,
0x08000420L, 0x08010020L, 0x08010400L, 0x00000000L,
0x00010400L, 0x08000000L, 0x00010020L, 0x00000420L,
0x08000400L, 0x00010420L, 0x00000000L, 0x08000020L,
0x00000020L, 0x08000420L, 0x08010420L, 0x00010020L,
0x08010000L, 0x00000400L, 0x00000420L, 0x08010400L,
0x08010400L, 0x08000420L, 0x00010020L, 0x08010000L,
0x00010000L, 0x00000020L, 0x08000020L, 0x08000400L,
0x08000000L, 0x00010400L, 0x08010420L, 0x00000000L,
0x00010420L, 0x08000000L, 0x00000400L, 0x00010020L,
0x08000420L, 0x00000400L, 0x00000000L, 0x08010420L,
0x08010020L, 0x08010400L, 0x00000420L, 0x00010000L,
0x00010400L, 0x08010020L, 0x08000400L, 0x00000420L,
0x00000020L, 0x00010420L, 0x08010000L, 0x08000020L
static unsigned long SP6[64] = {
0x80000040L, 0x00200040L, 0x00000000L, 0x80202000L,
0x00200040L, 0x00002000L, 0x80002040L, 0x00200000L,
0x00002040L, 0x80202040L, 0x00202000L, 0x80000000L,
0x80002000L, 0x80000040L, 0x80200000L, 0x00202040L,
0x00200000L, 0x80002040L, 0x80200040L, 0x00000000L,
0x00002000L, 0x00000040L, 0x80202000L, 0x80200040L,
0x80202040L, 0x80200000L, 0x80000000L, 0x00002040L,
0x00000040L, 0x00202000L, 0x00202040L, 0x80002000L,
0x00002040L, 0x80000000L, 0x80002000L, 0x00202040L,
0x80202000L, 0x00200040L, 0x00000000L, 0x80002000L,
0x80000000L, 0x00002000L, 0x80200040L, 0x00200000L,
0x00200040L, 0x80202040L, 0x00202000L, 0x00000040L,
0x80202040L, 0x00202000L, 0x00200000L, 0x80002040L,
0x80000040L, 0x80200000L, 0x00202040L, 0x00000000L,
0x00002000L, 0x80000040L, 0x80002040L, 0x80202000L,
0x80200000L, 0x00002040L, 0x00000040L, 0x80200040L,
static unsigned long SP7[64] = {
0x00004000L, 0x00000200L, 0x01000200L, 0x01000004L,
0x01004204L, 0x00004004L, 0x00004200L, 0x00000000L,
0x01000000L, 0x01000204L, 0x00000204L, 0x01004000L,
0x00000004L, 0x01004200L, 0x01004000L, 0x00000204L,
0x01000204L, 0x00004000L, 0x00004004L, 0x01004204L,
0x00000000L, 0x01000200L, 0x01000004L, 0x00004200L,
0x01004004L, 0x00004204L, 0x01004200L, 0x00000004L,
0x00004204L, 0x01004004L, 0x00000200L, 0x01000000L,
0x00004204L, 0x01004000L, 0x01004004L, 0x00000204L,
0x00004000L, 0x00000200L, 0x01000000L, 0x01004004L,
0x01000204L, 0x00004204L, 0x00004200L, 0x00000000L,
0x00000200L, 0x01000004L, 0x00000004L, 0x01000200L,
0x00000000L, 0x01000204L, 0x01000200L, 0x00004200L,
0x00000204L, 0x00004000L, 0x01004204L, 0x01000000L,
0x01004200L, 0x00000004L, 0x00004004L, 0x01004204L,
0x01000004L, 0x01004200L, 0x01004000L, 0x00004004L,
static unsigned long SP8[64] = {
0x20800080L, 0x20820000L, 0x00020080L, 0x00000000L,
0x20020000L, 0x00800080L, 0x20800000L, 0x20820080L,
0x00000080L, 0x20000000L, 0x00820000L, 0x00020080L,
0x00820080L, 0x20020080L, 0x20000080L, 0x20800000L,
0x00020000L, 0x00820080L, 0x00800080L, 0x20020000L,
0x20820080L, 0x20000080L, 0x00000000L, 0x00820000L,
0x20000000L, 0x00800000L, 0x20020080L, 0x20800080L,
0x00800000L, 0x00020000L, 0x20820000L, 0x00000080L,
0x00800000L, 0x00020000L, 0x20000080L, 0x20820080L,
0x00020080L, 0x20000000L, 0x00000000L, 0x00820000L,
0x20800080L, 0x20020080L, 0x20020000L, 0x00800080L,
0x20820000L, 0x00000080L, 0x00800080L, 0x20020000L,
0x20820080L, 0x00800000L, 0x20800000L, 0x20000080L,
0x00820000L, 0x00020080L, 0x20020080L, 0x20800000L,
0x00000080L, 0x20820000L, 0x00820080L, 0x00000000L,
0x20000000L, 0x20800080L, 0x00020000L, 0x00820080L,

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