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calibre::devices::prs500::driver::PRS500 Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for calibre::devices::prs500::driver::PRS500:

calibre::devices::interface::DevicePlugin calibre::customize::Plugin

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Detailed Description

Implements the backend for communication with the SONY Reader.
Each method decorated by C{safe} performs a task.

Definition at line 80 of file driver.py.

Public Member Functions

def __enter__
def __exit__
def __init__
def add_book
def add_books_to_metadata
def books
def can_handle
def card
def card_prefix
def close
def config_widget
def config_widget
def customization_help
def customization_help
def del_file
def delete_books
def eject
def free_space
def get_device_information
def get_fdi
def get_file
def get_gui_name
def initialize
def is_connected
def is_customizable
def list
def log_packet
def mkdir
def open
def path_properties
def put_file
def reconnect
def remove_books
def remove_books_from_metadata
def reset
def rm
def safe
def save_settings
def save_settings
def send_validated_command
def set_progress_reporter
def settings
def settings
def signature
def sync_booklists
def temporary_file
def total_space
def touch
def upload_book_list
def upload_books
def validate_response

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple author = _('Kovid Goyal')
list BCD = [0x100]
int BULK_IN_EP = 0x81
int BULK_OUT_EP = 0x02
string CACHE_XML = "/Sony Reader/database/cache.xml"
 can_be_disabled = True
 CARD_PATH_PREFIX = __appname__
tuple description = _('Communicate with the Sony PRS-500 eBook reader.')
list FORMATS = ["lrf", "lrx", "rtf", "pdf", "txt"]
tuple HELP_MESSAGE = _('Configure Device')
 log_packets = False
string MEDIA_XML = "/Data/database/cache/media.xml"
tuple minimum_calibre_version = (0, 4, 118)
string name = 'PRS-500 Device Interface'
int priority = 1
int PRODUCT_ID = 0x029b
string PRODUCT_NAME = 'PRS-500'
list supported_platforms = ['windows', 'osx', 'linux']
tuple type = _('Device Interface')
int VENDOR_ID = 0x054c
tuple version = (1, 0, 0)

Private Member Functions

def _bulk_read
def _bulk_write
def _exists
def _send_command

Static Private Attributes

int _packet_number = 0

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