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calibre::ebooks::lrf::meta::LRFMetaFile Class Reference

Inherited by calibre::ebooks::lrf::lrfparser::LRFDocument.

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Detailed Description

Has properties to read and write all Meta information in a LRF file. 

Definition at line 262 of file meta.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def fix_thumbnail_type
def get_cover
def get_object_by_id
def get_objects_by_type
def info
def pack
def read
def safe
def safe_property
def seek
def tell
def thumbail_extension
def thumbnail
def thumbnail_pos
def unpack
def update_object_offsets
def write

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple author = xml_field("Author", parent="BookInfo")
tuple author_reading = xml_attr_field("Author", 'reading', parent="BookInfo")
tuple binding = field(fmt=BYTE, start=0x24)
tuple book_id = xml_field("BookID", parent="BookInfo")
tuple category = xml_field("Category", parent="BookInfo")
tuple classification = xml_field("Classification", parent="BookInfo")
tuple color_depth = field(fmt=BYTE, start=0x2e)
tuple compressed_info_size = field(fmt=WORD, start=0x4c)
tuple creation_date = xml_field("CreationDate", parent="DocInfo")
tuple creator = xml_field("Creator", parent="DocInfo")
tuple dpi = field(fmt=WORD, start=0x26)
tuple free_text = xml_field("FreeText", parent="BookInfo")
tuple height = field(fmt=WORD, start=0x2c)
tuple label = xml_field("Label", parent="BookInfo")
tuple language = xml_field("Language", parent="DocInfo")
tuple lrf_header = fixed_stringfield(length=6, start=0x0)
string LRF_HEADER = 'LRF'
tuple number_of_objects = field(fmt=QWORD, start=0x10)
tuple object_index_offset = field(fmt=QWORD, start=0x18)
tuple page = xml_field("SumPage", parent="DocInfo")
tuple producer = xml_field("Producer", parent="DocInfo")
tuple publisher = xml_field("Publisher", parent="BookInfo")
tuple root_object_id = field(fmt=DWORD, start=0xc)
tuple thumbnail_size = versioned_field(version, 800, fmt=DWORD, start=0x50)
tuple thumbnail_type = versioned_field(version, 800, fmt=WORD, start=0x4e)
tuple title = xml_field("Title", parent="BookInfo")
tuple title_reading = xml_attr_field("Title", 'reading', parent="BookInfo")
tuple toc_object_id = field(fmt=DWORD, start=0x44)
tuple toc_object_offset = field(fmt=DWORD, start=0x48)
tuple uncompressed_info_size
tuple version = field(fmt=WORD, start=0x8)
tuple width = field(fmt=WORD, start=0x2a)
tuple xor_key = field(fmt=WORD, start=0xa)

Private Member Functions

def _detect_thumbnail_type
def _objects

Private Attributes


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