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calibre::ebooks::lrf::pylrs::pylrs::Book Class Reference

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Detailed Description

    Main class for any lrs or lrf.  All objects must be appended to
    the Book class in some way or another in order to be rendered as
    an LRS or LRF file.

    The following settings are available on the contructor of Book:

    author="book author" or author=("book author", "sort as")
    Author of the book.

    title="book title" or title=("book title", "sort as")
    Title of the book.

    Gives the assumed encoding for all non-unicode strings.

    thumbnail="thumbnail file name"
    A small (80x80?) graphics file with a thumbnail of the book's cover.

    bookid="book id"
    A unique id for the book.

    textstyledefault=<dictionary of settings>
    Sets the default values for all TextStyles.

    pagetstyledefault=<dictionary of settings>
    Sets the default values for all PageStyles.

    blockstyledefault=<dictionary of settings>
    Sets the default values for all BlockStyles.

    Override the default BookSetting.

    Override the default SetDefault.

    There are several other settings -- see the BookInfo class for more.

Definition at line 366 of file pylrs.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def append
def appendDelegates
def appendReferencedObjects
def applySetting
def applySettings
def create_block_style
def create_page
def create_page_style
def create_text_block
def create_text_style
def embed_font
def getMethods
def getSettings
def last_page
def pages
def rationalize_font_sizes
def render
def renderLrf
def renderLrs
def set_author
def set_title
def toElement
def toLrf
def toLrfDelegates

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