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calibre::library::database2::LibraryDatabase2 Class Reference

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Detailed Description

An ebook metadata database that stores references to ebook files on disk.

Definition at line 379 of file database2.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __iter__
def abspath
def add_books
def add_books
def add_format
def add_format
def add_format_with_hooks
def add_listener
def add_news
def all_authors
def all_formats
def all_ids
def all_publishers
def all_series
def all_tags
def all_tags2
def author_id
def author_name
def author_sort
def authors
def books_in_old_database
def books_in_series
def books_in_series_of
def check_integrity
def clean
def close
def comments
def connect
def construct_file_name
def construct_path_name
def conversion_options
def cover
def cover
def create_book_entry
def create_version1
def delete_book
def delete_book
def delete_tag
def delete_tags
def filter
def find_books_in_directory
def format
def format
def format_abspath
def formats
def get_categories
def get_data_as_dict
def get_feeds
def get_metadata
def get_metadata
def get_recipe
def get_recipes
def get_tags
def get_top_level_move_items
def has_book
def has_cover
def has_format
def has_id
def id
def import_book
def import_book_directory
def import_book_directory_multiple
def import_old_database
def index
def initialize_database
def is_empty
def is_tag_used
def isbn
def last_modified
def max_size
def migrate_old
def move_library_to
def normpath
def notify
def path
def pubdate
def publisher
def publisher_id
def rating
def recursive_import
def refresh
def refresh_ids
def remove_format
def remove_format
def remove_unused_series
def rmtree
def row
def rows
def run_import_plugins
def series
def series_id
def series_index
def series_name
def set
def set_author_sort
def set_author_sort
def set_authors
def set_authors
def set_comment
def set_comment
def set_conversion_options
def set_cover
def set_feeds
def set_isbn
def set_isbn
def set_metadata
def set_path
def set_pubdate
def set_publisher
def set_publisher
def set_rating
def set_rating
def set_series
def set_series
def set_series_index
def set_series_index
def set_tags
def set_tags
def set_timestamp
def set_title
def set_title
def sizeof_format
def sizeof_old_database
def tag_name
def tags
def tags_older_than
def timestamp
def title
def unapply_tags
def unapply_tags
def upgrade_version1
def upgrade_version10
def upgrade_version11
def upgrade_version2
def upgrade_version3
def upgrade_version4
def upgrade_version5
def upgrade_version6
def upgrade_version7
def upgrade_version8
def upgrade_version9
def upgrade_version_1
def upgrade_version_2
def upgrade_version_3
def upgrade_version_4
def upgrade_version_5
def upgrade_version_6
def user_version
def vacuum

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

int PATH_LIMIT = 40

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