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calibre::utils::genshi::template::eval::TemplateASTTransformer Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for calibre::utils::genshi::template::eval::TemplateASTTransformer:

calibre::utils::genshi::template::eval::ASTTransformer calibre::utils::genshi::template::eval::ExpressionASTTransformer

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Detailed Description

Concrete AST transformer that implements the AST transformations needed
for code embedded in templates.

Definition at line 718 of file eval.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def visit
def visitAssAttr
def visitAssert
def visitAssign
def visitAssName
def visitAugAssign
def visitCallFunc
def visitClass
def visitCompare
def visitConst
def visitDecorators
def visitDict
def visitExec
def visitExpression
def visitFor
def visitFrom
def visitFunction
def visitGenExpr
def visitGenExprFor
def visitGenExprIf
def visitGenExprInner
def visitGetattr
def visitIf
def visitIfExp
def visitKeyword
def visitLambda
def visitList
def visitListComp
def visitListCompFor
def visitListCompIf
def visitModule
def visitName
def visitRaise
def visitReturn
def visitSlice
def visitSliceobj
def visitStmt
def visitSubscript
def visitTryExcept
def visitTryFinally
def visitTuple
def visitWhile
def visitWith
def visitYield

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 visitAdd = visitSub_visitBinOp
 visitAnd = visitOrvisitBitandvisitBitorvisitBitxor_visitBoolOp
 visitAssTuple = visitAssList_visitBoolOp
 visitBackquote = visitDiscard_visitUnaryOp
 visitDiv = visitFloorDivvisitModvisitMulvisitPower_visitBinOp
 visitLeftShift = visitRightShift_visitBinOp
 visitPrint = visitPrintnl_visitPrint
 visitUnaryAdd = visitUnarySubvisitNotvisitInvert_visitUnaryOp

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