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calibre::web::feeds::news::BasicNewsRecipe Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for calibre::web::feeds::news::BasicNewsRecipe:

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Detailed Description

Abstract base class that contains logic needed in all feed fetchers.

Definition at line 34 of file news.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def adeify_images
def article_downloaded
def build_index
def cleanup
def create_opf
def default_cover
def description_limiter
def download
def download_cover
def error_in_article_download
def feed2index
def feeds2index
def fetch_article
def fetch_embedded_article
def fetch_obfuscated_article
def get_article_url
def get_browser
def get_cover_url
def get_feeds
def get_obfuscated_article
def image_url_processor
def index_to_soup
def parse_feeds
def parse_index
def postprocess_book
def postprocess_html
def preprocess_html
def print_version
def sort_index_by
def soup
def tag_to_string

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 articles_are_obfuscated = False
 center_navbar = True
dictionary conversion_options = {}
int delay = 0
string description = ''
 encoding = None
 extra_css = None
 feeds = None
list filter_regexps = []
list keep_only_tags = []
string language = 'und'
list match_regexps = []
int max_articles_per_feed = 100
 multithreaded_fetch = False
 needs_subscription = False
 no_stylesheets = False
float oldest_article = 7.0
list preprocess_regexps = []
string publication_type = 'unknown'
int recursions = 0
list remove_attributes = []
 remove_empty_feeds = False
 remove_javascript = True
list remove_tags = []
 remove_tags_after = None
 remove_tags_before = None
int simultaneous_downloads = 5
int summary_length = 500
string template_css = u''
string timefmt = ' [%a, %d %b %Y]'
float timeout = 120.0
tuple title = _('Unknown News Source')
 use_embedded_content = None

Private Member Functions

def _fetch_article
def _postprocess_html

Static Private Attributes

 __author__ = __appname__

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