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cherrypy::_cprequest::Request Class Reference

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Detailed Description

An HTTP request.

This object represents the metadata of an HTTP request message;
that is, it contains attributes which describe the environment
in which the request URL, headers, and body were sent (if you
want tools to interpret the headers and body, those are elsewhere,
mostly in Tools). This 'metadata' consists of socket data,
transport characteristics, and the Request-Line. This object
also contains data regarding the configuration in effect for
the given URL, and the execution plan for generating a response.

Definition at line 159 of file _cprequest.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def close
def get_resource
def handle_error
def process_body
def process_headers
def respond
def run

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 app = None
 app__doc = \
string base = ""
string base__doc = """The (scheme://host) portion of the requested URL."""
 body = None
string body__doc
 body_params = None
string body_params__doc
 closed = False
string closed__doc
 config = None
string config__doc
tuple cookie = Cookie.SimpleCookie()
string cookie__doc = """See help(Cookie)."""
tuple dispatch = cherrypy.dispatch.Dispatcher()
string dispatch__doc
dictionary error_page = {}
string error_page__doc
tuple error_response = cherrypy.HTTPError(500)
string error_response__doc
 handler = None
string handler__doc
list header_list = []
string header_list__doc
tuple headers = http.HeaderMap()
string headers__doc
tuple hooks = HookMap(hookpoints)
string hooks__doc
 is_index = None
string is_index__doc
tuple local = http.Host("", 80)
 local__doc = \
 login = None
string login__doc
string method = "GET"
string method__doc
tuple methods_with_bodies = ("POST", "PUT")
string methods_with_bodies__doc
tuple namespaces
dictionary params = {}
string params__doc
string path_info = "/"
string path_info__doc
 prev = None
string prev__doc
 process_request_body = True
string process_request_body__doc
tuple protocol = (1, 1)
string protocol__doc
string query_string = ""
string query_string__doc
tuple remote = http.Host("", 1111)
 remote__doc = \
string request_line = ""
string request_line__doc
 rfile = None
string rfile__doc
string scheme = "http"
string scheme__doc
string script_name = ""
string script_name__doc
string server_protocol = "HTTP/1.1"
string server_protocol__doc
 show_tracebacks = True
string show_tracebacks__doc
 stage = None
string stage__doc
 throw_errors = False
string throw_errors__doc
tuple throws = (KeyboardInterrupt, SystemExit, cherrypy.InternalRedirect)
 throws__doc = \
dictionary toolmaps = {}
string toolmaps__doc

Static Private Attributes

 __metaclass__ = cherrypy._AttributeDocstrings

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