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cherrypy::wsgiserver::CherryPyWSGIServer Class Reference

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Detailed Description

An HTTP server for WSGI.

bind_addr: The interface on which to listen for connections.
    For TCP sockets, a (host, port) tuple. Host values may be any IPv4
    or IPv6 address, or any valid hostname. The string 'localhost' is a
    synonym for '' (or '::1', if your hosts file prefers IPv6).
    The string '' is a special IPv4 entry meaning "any active
    interface" (INADDR_ANY), and '::' is the similar IN6ADDR_ANY for
    IPv6. The empty string or None are not allowed.
    For UNIX sockets, supply the filename as a string.
wsgi_app: the WSGI 'application callable'; multiple WSGI applications
    may be passed as (path_prefix, app) pairs.
numthreads: the number of worker threads to create (default 10).
server_name: the string to set for WSGI's SERVER_NAME environ entry.
    Defaults to socket.gethostname().
max: the maximum number of queued requests (defaults to -1 = no limit).
request_queue_size: the 'backlog' argument to socket.listen();
    specifies the maximum number of queued connections (default 5).
timeout: the timeout in seconds for accepted connections (default 10).

nodelay: if True (the default since 3.1), sets the TCP_NODELAY socket

protocol: the version string to write in the Status-Line of all
    HTTP responses. For example, "HTTP/1.1" (the default). This
    also limits the supported features used in the response.

The OpenSSL module must be importable for SSL functionality.
You can obtain it from http://pyopenssl.sourceforge.net/

ssl_certificate: the filename of the server SSL certificate.
ssl_privatekey: the filename of the server's private key file.

If either of these is None (both are None by default), this server
will not use SSL. If both are given and are valid, they will be read
on server start and used in the SSL context for the listening socket.

Definition at line 1426 of file __init__.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __str__
def bind
def populate_ssl_environ
def start
def stop
def tick

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple bind_addr
 ConnectionClass = HTTPConnection
dictionary environ = {}
tuple interrupt
 nodelay = True
tuple numthreads = property(_get_numthreads, _set_numthreads)
string protocol = "HTTP/1.1"
 ready = False
 ssl_certificate = None
 ssl_private_key = None
string version = "CherryPy/3.1.2"

Private Member Functions

def _get_bind_addr
def _get_interrupt
def _get_numthreads
def _set_bind_addr
def _set_interrupt
def _set_numthreads

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

string _bind_addr = ""
 _interrupt = None

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