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cssutils::serialize::Preferences Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Control output of CSSSerializer.

defaultAtKeyword = True
    Should the literal @keyword from src CSS be used or the default
    form, e.g. if ``True``: ``@import`` else: ``@i\mport``
defaultPropertyName = True
    Should the normalized propertyname be used or the one given in
    the src file, e.g. if ``True``: ``color`` else: ``c\olor``

    Only used if ``keepAllProperties==False``.
defaultPropertyPriority = True
    Should the normalized or literal priority be used, e.g. ``!important``
    or ``!Im\portant``

importHrefFormat = None
    Uses hreftype if ``None`` or format ``"URI"`` if ``'string'`` or
    format ``url(URI)`` if ``'uri'``
indent = 4 * ' '
    Indentation of e.g Properties inside a CSSStyleDeclaration
indentSpecificities = False
    Indent rules with subset of Selectors and higher Specitivity
keepAllProperties = True
    If ``True`` all properties set in the original CSSStylesheet 
    are kept meaning even properties set twice with the exact same
    same name are kept!
keepComments = True
    If ``False`` removes all CSSComments
keepEmptyRules = False
    defines if empty rules like e.g. ``a {}`` are kept in the resulting
    serialized sheet
keepUnkownAtRules = True
    defines if unknown @rules like e.g. ``@three-dee {}`` are kept in the 
    serialized sheet
keepUsedNamespaceRulesOnly = False
    if True only namespace rules which are actually used are kept
lineNumbers = False
    Only used if a complete CSSStyleSheet is serialized.
lineSeparator = u'\\n'
    How to end a line. This may be set to e.g. u'' for serializing of 
    CSSStyleDeclarations usable in HTML style attribute.
listItemSpacer = u' '
    string which is used in ``css.SelectorList``, ``css.CSSValue`` and
    ``stylesheets.MediaList`` after the comma
omitLastSemicolon = True
    If ``True`` omits ; after last property of CSSStyleDeclaration
paranthesisSpacer = u' '
    string which is used before an opening paranthesis like in a 
    ``css.CSSMediaRule`` or ``css.CSSStyleRule``
propertyNameSpacer = u' '
    string which is used after a Property name colon
selectorCombinatorSpacer = u' '
    string which is used before and after a Selector combinator like +, > or ~.
    CSSOM defines a single space for this which is also the default in cssutils.
spacer = u' '
    general spacer, used e.g. by CSSUnknownRule

validOnly = False
    if True only valid (Properties) are output
    A Property is valid if it is a known Property with a valid value.

Definition at line 28 of file serialize.py.

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