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odf::opendocument::OpenDocument Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A class to hold the content of an OpenDocument document
    Use the xml method to write the XML
    source to the screen or to a file
    d = OpenDocument(mimetype)

Definition at line 73 of file opendocument.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def addObject
def addPicture
def addPictureFromFile
def addPictureFromString
def addThumbnail
def build_caches
def clear_caches
def contentxml
def createCDATASection
def createElement
def createTextNode
def getElementsByType
def getMediaType
def getStyleByName
def manifestxml
def metaxml
def rebuild_caches
def save
def settingsxml
def stylesxml
def toXml
def write
def xml

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 thumbnail = None

Private Member Functions

def _parseoneelement
def _register_stylename
def _replaceGenerator
def _savePictures
def _saveXmlObjects
def _used_auto_styles
def _zipwrite

Private Attributes


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