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pyPdf::pdf::PdfFileReader Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Initializes a PdfFileReader object.

This operation can take some time, as the PDF stream's cross-reference tables are read into memory.

Stability: Added in v1.0, will exist for all v1.x releases.

stream An object that supports the standard read and seek methods similar to a file object.

Definition at line 275 of file pdf.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def cacheIndirectObject
def decrypt
 When using an encrypted / secured PDF file with the PDF Standard encryption handler, this function will allow the file to be decrypted.
def getDocumentInfo
 Retrieves the PDF file's document information dictionary, if it exists.
def getIsEncrypted
def getNamedDestinations
 Retrieves the named destinations present in the document.
def getNumPages
 Calculates the number of pages in this PDF file.
def getObject
def getOutlines
 Retrieves the document outline present in the document.
def getPage
 Retrieves a page by number from this PDF file.
def getXmpMetadata
 Retrieves XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) data from the PDF document root.
def read
def readNextEndLine
def readObjectHeader

Public Attributes

 ensure that we're not trying to access an encrypted PDF assert not self.trailer.has_key("/Encrypt")

Static Public Attributes

tuple documentInfo = property(lambda self: self.getDocumentInfo(), None, None)
 Read-only property that accesses the getDocumentInfo function.
tuple isEncrypted = property(lambda self: self.getIsEncrypted(), None, None)
 Read-only boolean property showing whether this PDF file is encrypted.
tuple namedDestinations
 Read-only property that accesses the getNamedDestinations function.
tuple numPages = property(lambda self: self.getNumPages(), None, None)
 Read-only property that accesses the getNumPages function.
tuple outlines = property(lambda self: self.getOutlines(), None, None)
 Read-only property that accesses the getOutlines function.
tuple pages
 Read-only property that emulates a list based upon the getNumPages and getPage functions.
tuple xmpMetadata = property(lambda self: self.getXmpMetadata(), None, None)
 Read-only property that accesses the getXmpData function.

Private Member Functions

def _authenticateUserPassword
def _buildDestination
def _buildOutline
def _decrypt
def _decryptObject
def _flatten
def _pairs

Private Attributes


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