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pyPdf::xmp::XmpInformation Class Reference

Inherits generic::PdfObject.

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Detailed Description

An object that represents Adobe XMP metadata.

Definition at line 54 of file xmp.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def custom_properties
def getElement
def getNodesInNamespace
def writeToStream

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

tuple custom_properties = property(custom_properties)
 Retrieves custom metadata properties defined in the undocumented pdfx metadata schema.
tuple dc_contributor = property(_getter_bag(DC_NAMESPACE, "contributor", _converter_string))
 Contributors to the resource (other than the authors).
tuple dc_coverage = property(_getter_single(DC_NAMESPACE, "coverage", _converter_string))
 Text describing the extent or scope of the resource.
tuple dc_creator = property(_getter_seq(DC_NAMESPACE, "creator", _converter_string))
 A sorted array of names of the authors of the resource, listed in order of precedence.
tuple dc_date = property(_getter_seq(DC_NAMESPACE, "date", _converter_date))
 A sorted array of dates (datetime.datetime instances) of signifigance to the resource.
tuple dc_description = property(_getter_langalt(DC_NAMESPACE, "description", _converter_string))
 A language-keyed dictionary of textual descriptions of the content of the resource.
tuple dc_format = property(_getter_single(DC_NAMESPACE, "format", _converter_string))
 The mime-type of the resource.
tuple dc_identifier = property(_getter_single(DC_NAMESPACE, "identifier", _converter_string))
 Unique identifier of the resource.
tuple dc_language = property(_getter_bag(DC_NAMESPACE, "language", _converter_string))
 An unordered array specifying the languages used in the resource.
tuple dc_publisher = property(_getter_bag(DC_NAMESPACE, "publisher", _converter_string))
 An unordered array of publisher names.
tuple dc_relation = property(_getter_bag(DC_NAMESPACE, "relation", _converter_string))
 An unordered array of text descriptions of relationships to other documents.
tuple dc_rights = property(_getter_langalt(DC_NAMESPACE, "rights", _converter_string))
 A language-keyed dictionary of textual descriptions of the rights the user has to this resource.
tuple dc_source = property(_getter_single(DC_NAMESPACE, "source", _converter_string))
 Unique identifier of the work from which this resource was derived.
tuple dc_subject = property(_getter_bag(DC_NAMESPACE, "subject", _converter_string))
 An unordered array of descriptive phrases or keywrods that specify the topic of the content of the resource.
tuple dc_title = property(_getter_langalt(DC_NAMESPACE, "title", _converter_string))
 A language-keyed dictionary of the title of the resource.
tuple dc_type = property(_getter_bag(DC_NAMESPACE, "type", _converter_string))
 An unordered array of textual descriptions of the document type.
tuple pdf_keywords = property(_getter_single(PDF_NAMESPACE, "Keywords", _converter_string))
 An unformatted text string representing document keywords.
tuple pdf_pdfversion = property(_getter_single(PDF_NAMESPACE, "PDFVersion", _converter_string))
 The PDF file version, for example 1.0, 1.3.
tuple pdf_producer = property(_getter_single(PDF_NAMESPACE, "Producer", _converter_string))
 The name of the tool that created the PDF document.
tuple xmp_createDate = property(_getter_single(XMP_NAMESPACE, "CreateDate", _converter_date))
 The date and time the resource was originally created.
tuple xmp_creatorTool = property(_getter_single(XMP_NAMESPACE, "CreatorTool", _converter_string))
 The name of the first known tool used to create the resource.
tuple xmp_metadataDate = property(_getter_single(XMP_NAMESPACE, "MetadataDate", _converter_date))
 The date and time that any metadata for this resource was last changed.
tuple xmp_modifyDate = property(_getter_single(XMP_NAMESPACE, "ModifyDate", _converter_date))
 The date and time the resource was last modified.
tuple xmpmm_documentId = property(_getter_single(XMPMM_NAMESPACE, "DocumentID", _converter_string))
 The common identifier for all versions and renditions of this resource.
tuple xmpmm_instanceId = property(_getter_single(XMPMM_NAMESPACE, "InstanceID", _converter_string))
 An identifier for a specific incarnation of a document, updated each time a file is saved.

Private Member Functions

def _converter_date
def _converter_string
def _getter_bag
def _getter_langalt
def _getter_seq
def _getter_single
def _getText

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

tuple _test_converter_date = staticmethod(_converter_date)

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