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calibre::utils::winshell Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

winshell - convenience functions to access Windows shell functionality

Certain aspects of the Windows user interface are grouped by
 Microsoft as Shell functions. These include the Desktop, shortcut
 icons, special folders (such as My Documents) and a few other things.

These are mostly available via the shell module of the win32all
 extensions, but whenever I need to use them, I've forgotten the
 various constants and so on.

Several of the shell items have two variants: personal and common,
 or User and All Users. These refer to systems with profiles in use:
 anything from NT upwards, and 9x with Profiles turned on. Where
 relevant, the Personal/User version refers to that owned by the
 logged-on user and visible only to that user; the Common/All Users
 version refers to that maintained by an Administrator and visible
 to all users of the system.

(c) Tim Golden <winshell@timgolden.me.uk> 25th November 2003
Licensed under the (GPL-compatible) MIT License:

9th Nov 2005  0.2  . License changed to MIT
   . Added functionality using SHFileOperation
25th Nov 2003 0.1  . Initial release by Tim Golden


class  x_winshell


def _file_operation
def application_data
def common_desktop
def copy_file
def CreateShortcut
def delete_file
def desktop
def favourites
def get_path
def move_file
def personal_folder
def programs
def recent
def rename_file
def sendto
def start_menu
def startup
def structured_storage


string __VERSION__ = "0.2"
 bookmarks = favourites
string FMTID_CUSTOM_DEFINED_PROPERTIES = "{D5CDD505-2E9C-101B-9397-08002B2CF9AE}"
string FMTID_USER_DEFINED_PROPERTIES = "{F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}"
 my_documents = personal_folder
int PIDSI_APPNAME = 0x00000012
int PIDSI_AUTHOR = 0x00000004
int PIDSI_CHARCOUNT = 0x00000010
int PIDSI_COMMENTS = 0x00000006
int PIDSI_CREATE_DTM = 0x0000000c
int PIDSI_EDITTIME = 0x0000000a
int PIDSI_KEYWORDS = 0x00000005
int PIDSI_LASTAUTHOR = 0x00000008
int PIDSI_LASTPRINTED = 0x0000000b
int PIDSI_LASTSAVE_DTM = 0x0000000d
int PIDSI_PAGECOUNT = 0x0000000e
int PIDSI_REVNUMBER = 0x00000009
int PIDSI_SUBJECT = 0x00000003
int PIDSI_TEMPLATE = 0x00000007
int PIDSI_THUMBNAIL = 0x00000011
int PIDSI_TITLE = 0x00000002
int PIDSI_WORDCOUNT = 0x0000000f

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