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def calibre::library::database2::LibraryDatabase2::set_tags (   self,
  append = False,
  notify = True 

@param tags: list of strings
@param append: If True existing tags are not removed

Definition at line 1186 of file database2.py.

01186                                                            :
        @param tags: list of strings
        @param append: If True existing tags are not removed
        if not append:
            self.conn.execute('DELETE FROM books_tags_link WHERE book=?', (id,))
            self.conn.execute('DELETE FROM tags WHERE (SELECT COUNT(id) FROM books_tags_link WHERE tag=tags.id) < 1')
        otags = self.get_tags(id)
        for tag in (set(tags)-otags):
            tag = tag.strip()
            if not tag:
            if not isinstance(tag, unicode):
                tag = tag.decode(preferred_encoding, 'replace')
            existing_tags = self.all_tags()
            lt = [t.lower() for t in existing_tags]
                idx = lt.index(tag.lower())
            except ValueError:
                idx = -1
            if idx > -1:
                etag = existing_tags[idx]
                tid = self.conn.get('SELECT id FROM tags WHERE name=?', (etag,), all=False)
                if etag != tag:
                    self.conn.execute('UPDATE tags SET name=? WHERE id=?', (tag, tid))
                tid = self.conn.execute('INSERT INTO tags(name) VALUES(?)', (tag,)).lastrowid

            if not self.conn.get('SELECT book FROM books_tags_link WHERE book=? AND tag=?',
                                        (id, tid), all=False):
                self.conn.execute('INSERT INTO books_tags_link(book, tag) VALUES (?,?)',
                              (id, tid))
        tags = ','.join(self.get_tags(id))
        self.data.set(id, FIELD_MAP['tags'], tags, row_is_id=True)
        if notify:
            self.notify('metadata', [id])

    def unapply_tags(self, book_id, tags, notify=True):

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