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def calibre::library::database2::LibraryDatabase2::get_metadata (   self,
  index_is_id = False,
  get_cover = False 

Convenience method to return metadata as a L{MetaInformation} object.

Definition at line 779 of file database2.py.

00779                                                                    :
        Convenience method to return metadata as a L{MetaInformation} object.
        aum = self.authors(idx, index_is_id=index_is_id)
        if aum: aum = [a.strip().replace('|', ',') for a in aum.split(',')]
        mi = MetaInformation(self.title(idx, index_is_id=index_is_id), aum)
        mi.author_sort = self.author_sort(idx, index_is_id=index_is_id)
        mi.comments    = self.comments(idx, index_is_id=index_is_id)
        mi.publisher   = self.publisher(idx, index_is_id=index_is_id)
        mi.timestamp   = self.timestamp(idx, index_is_id=index_is_id)
        mi.pubdate     = self.pubdate(idx, index_is_id=index_is_id)
        tags = self.tags(idx, index_is_id=index_is_id)
        if tags:
            mi.tags = [i.strip() for i in tags.split(',')]
        mi.series = self.series(idx, index_is_id=index_is_id)
        if mi.series:
            mi.series_index = self.series_index(idx, index_is_id=index_is_id)
        mi.rating = self.rating(idx, index_is_id=index_is_id)
        mi.isbn = self.isbn(idx, index_is_id=index_is_id)
        id = idx if index_is_id else self.id(idx)
        mi.application_id = id
        if get_cover:
            mi.cover = self.cover(id, index_is_id=True, as_path=True)
        return mi

    def has_book(self, mi):

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