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__license__   = 'GPL v3'
__copyright__ = '2008, Kovid Goyal <kovid at kovidgoyal.net>'
import os

    from PIL import ImageFont
except ImportError:
    import ImageFont

Default fonts used in the PRS500

SYSTEM_FONT_PATH = '/usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-liberation/'

            'Swis721 BT Roman'     : 'tt0003m_',
            'Dutch801 Rm BT Roman' : 'tt0011m_',
            'Courier10 BT Roman'   : 'tt0419m_',

            'Swis721 BT Roman'     : 'LiberationSans-Regular',
            'Dutch801 Rm BT Roman' : 'LiberationSerif-Regular',
            'Courier10 BT Roman'   : 'LiberationMono-Regular',


for key, val in LIBERATION_FONT_MAP.items():
    SYSTEM_FONT_MAP[key] = SYSTEM_FONT_PATH + val + '.ttf'

def get_font_path(name):
    if FONT_FILE_MAP.has_key(name) and os.access(FONT_FILE_MAP[name], os.R_OK):
        return FONT_FILE_MAP[name]
    # translate font into file name
    for m, s in ((FONT_MAP, 'prs500'), (LIBERATION_FONT_MAP, 'liberation')):
        fname = m[name]+'.ttf'

        # first, check configuration in /etc/
        etc_file = os.path.join(os.path.sep, 'etc', 'calibre', 'fonts', fname)
        if os.access(etc_file, os.R_OK):
            return etc_file

        # then, try calibre shipped ones
        f = P('fonts/%s/%s'%(s,fname))
        if os.path.exists(f):
            return f

    # finally, try system default ones
    if SYSTEM_FONT_MAP.has_key(name) and os.access(SYSTEM_FONT_MAP[name], os.R_OK):
        return SYSTEM_FONT_MAP[name]

    # not found
    raise SystemError('font %s (in file %s) not installed' % (name, fname))

def get_font(name, size, encoding='unic'):
    Get an ImageFont object by name.
    @param size: Font height in pixels. To convert from pts:
                 sz in pixels = (dpi/72) * size in pts
    @param encoding: Font encoding to use. E.g. 'unic', 'symbol', 'ADOB', 'ADBE', 'aprm'
    @param manager: A dict that will store the PersistentTemporary
    if name in FONT_MAP.keys():
        path = get_font_path(name)
        return ImageFont.truetype(path, size, encoding=encoding)
    elif name in FONT_FILE_MAP.keys():
        return ImageFont.truetype(FONT_FILE_MAP[name], size, encoding=encoding)

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