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cssutils::util::_BaseClass Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for cssutils::util::_BaseClass:

cssutils::util::_NewBase cssutils::util::Base cssutils::css::cssvalue::CSSValue cssutils::css::cssvariablesdeclaration::CSSVariablesDeclaration cssutils::util::Base2 cssutils::css::property::Property cssutils::css::selectorlist::SelectorList cssutils::stylesheets::medialist::MediaList cssutils::stylesheets::mediaquery::MediaQuery cssutils::util::Base2

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Base class for Base, Base2 and _NewBase.

**Base and Base2 will be removed in the future!**

Definition at line 24 of file util.py.

Private Member Functions

def _checkReadonly
def _valuestr

Static Private Attributes

tuple _log = errorhandler.ErrorHandler()
 _prods = tokenize2.CSSProductions

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