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00001 """MediaList implements DOM Level 2 Style Sheets MediaList.

    - delete: maybe if deleting from all, replace *all* with all others?
    - is unknown media an exception?
__all__ = ['MediaList']
__docformat__ = 'restructuredtext'
__version__ = '$Id: medialist.py 1871 2009-10-17 19:57:37Z cthedot $'

from cssutils.css import csscomment
from mediaquery import MediaQuery
import cssutils
import xml.dom

00016 class MediaList(cssutils.util.Base, cssutils.util.ListSeq):
    """Provides the abstraction of an ordered collection of media,
    without defining or constraining how this collection is

    A single media in the list is an instance of :class:`MediaQuery`. 
    An empty list is the same as a list that contains the medium "all".

    Format from CSS2.1::

        medium [ COMMA S* medium ]*

    New format with :class:`MediaQuery`::

        <media_query> [, <media_query> ]*
00032     def __init__(self, mediaText=None, readonly=False):
        :param mediaText:
            Unicodestring of parsable comma separared media
            or a (Python) list of media.
        :param readonly:
            Not used yet.
        super(MediaList, self).__init__()
        self._wellformed = False

        if isinstance(mediaText, list):
            mediaText = u','.join(mediaText)

        if mediaText:
            self.mediaText = mediaText

        self._readonly = readonly

    def __repr__(self):
        return "cssutils.stylesheets.%s(mediaText=%r)" % (
                self.__class__.__name__, self.mediaText)

    def __str__(self):
        return "<cssutils.stylesheets.%s object mediaText=%r at 0x%x>" % (
                self.__class__.__name__, self.mediaText, id(self))

00059     def _absorb(self, other):
        """Replace all own data with data from other object."""
        #self._parentRule = other._parentRule
        self.seq[:] = other.seq[:]
        self._readonly = other._readonly

    length = property(lambda self: len(self),
        doc="The number of media in the list (DOM readonly).")

    def _getMediaText(self):
        return cssutils.ser.do_stylesheets_medialist(self)

00072     def _setMediaText(self, mediaText):
        :param mediaText:
            simple value or comma-separated list of media

            - - :exc:`~xml.dom.SyntaxErr`:
              Raised if the specified string value has a syntax error and is
            - - :exc:`~xml.dom.NoModificationAllowedErr`:
              Raised if this media list is readonly.
        wellformed = True
        tokenizer = self._tokenize2(mediaText)
        newseq = []

        expected = None
        while True:
            # find all upto and including next ",", EOF or nothing
            mqtokens = self._tokensupto2(tokenizer, listseponly=True)
            if mqtokens:
                if self._tokenvalue(mqtokens[-1]) == ',':
                    expected = mqtokens.pop()
                    expected = None

                mq = MediaQuery(mqtokens)
                if mq.wellformed:
                    wellformed = False
                    self._log.error(u'MediaList: Invalid MediaQuery: %s' %

        # post condition
        if expected:
            wellformed = False
            self._log.error(u'MediaList: Cannot end with ",".')

        if wellformed:
            del self[:]
            for mq in newseq:
            self._wellformed = True

    mediaText = property(_getMediaText, _setMediaText,
        doc="The parsable textual representation of the media list.")

    def __prepareset(self, newMedium):
        # used by appendSelector and __setitem__

        if not isinstance(newMedium, MediaQuery):
            newMedium = MediaQuery(newMedium)

        if newMedium.wellformed:
            return newMedium

00133     def __setitem__(self, index, newMedium):
        """Overwriting ListSeq.__setitem__

        Any duplicate items are **not yet** removed.
        newMedium = self.__prepareset(newMedium)
        if newMedium:
            self.seq[index] = newMedium
        # TODO: remove duplicates?

00143     def appendMedium(self, newMedium):
        """Add the `newMedium` to the end of the list. 
        If the `newMedium` is already used, it is first removed.
        :param newMedium:
            a string or a :class:`~cssutils.stylesheets.MediaQuery`
        :returns: Wellformedness of `newMedium`.
            - :exc:`~xml.dom.InvalidCharacterErr`:
              If the medium contains characters that are invalid in the
              underlying style language.
            - :exc:`~xml.dom.InvalidModificationErr`:
              If mediaText is "all" and a new medium is tried to be added.
              Exception is "handheld" which is set in any case (Opera does handle
              "all, handheld" special, this special case might be removed in the
            - :exc:`~xml.dom.NoModificationAllowedErr`:
              Raised if this list is readonly.
        newMedium = self.__prepareset(newMedium)

        if newMedium:
            mts = [self._normalize(mq.mediaType) for mq in self]
            newmt = self._normalize(newMedium.mediaType)

            if newmt in mts:
            elif u'all' == newmt:
                # remove all except handheld (Opera)
                h = None
                for mq in self:
                    if mq.mediaType == u'handheld':
                        h = mq
                del self[:]
                if h:
            elif u'all' in mts:
                if u'handheld' == newmt:
                    self._log.warn(u'MediaList: Already specified "all" but still setting new medium: %r' %
                                   newMedium, error=xml.dom.InvalidModificationErr, neverraise=True)
                    self._log.warn(u'MediaList: Ignoring new medium %r as already specified "all" (set ``mediaText`` instead).' %
                                   newMedium, error=xml.dom.InvalidModificationErr)

            return True

            return False

    def append(self, newMedium):
        "Same as :meth:`appendMedium`."

00201     def deleteMedium(self, oldMedium):
        """Delete a medium from the list.

        :param oldMedium:
            delete this medium from the list.
            - :exc:`~xml.dom.NotFoundErr`:
              Raised if `oldMedium` is not in the list.
            - :exc:`~xml.dom.NoModificationAllowedErr`:
              Raised if this list is readonly.
        oldMedium = self._normalize(oldMedium)

        for i, mq in enumerate(self):
            if self._normalize(mq.mediaType) == oldMedium:
                del self[i]
            self._log.error(u'"%s" not in this MediaList' % oldMedium,

00223     def item(self, index):
        """Return the mediaType of the `index`'th element in the list.
        If `index` is greater than or equal to the number of media in the
        list, returns ``None``.
            return self[index].mediaType
        except IndexError:
            return None

    wellformed = property(lambda self: self._wellformed)

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