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cherrypy::_cpchecker::Checker Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A checker for CherryPy sites and their mounted applications.

on: set this to False to turn off the checker completely.

When this object is called at engine startup, it executes each
of its own methods whose names start with "check_". If you wish
to disable selected checks, simply add a line in your global
config which sets the appropriate method to False:

checker.check_skipped_app_config = False

You may also dynamically add or replace check_* methods in this way.

Definition at line 7 of file _cpchecker.py.

Public Member Functions

def __call__
def __init__
def check_compatibility
def check_config_namespaces
def check_config_types
def check_localhost
def check_skipped_app_config
def check_static_paths
def formatwarning

Static Public Attributes

dictionary deprecated = {}
list extra_config_namespaces = []
 global_config_contained_paths = False
dictionary known_config_types = {}
dictionary obsolete
 on = True

Private Member Functions

def _compat
def _known_ns
def _known_types
def _populate_known_types

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