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#!/usr/bin/env  python
# encoding: utf-8
__license__   = 'GPL v3'
__copyright__ = '2008, Kovid Goyal kovid@kovidgoyal.net'
__docformat__ = 'restructuredtext en'

A parser for search queries with a syntax very similar to that used by
the Google search engine. 

For details on the search query syntax see :class:`SearchQueryParser`. 
To use the parser, subclass :class:`SearchQueryParser` and implement the 
methods :method:`SearchQueryParser.universal_set` and 
:method:`SearchQueryParser.get_matches`. See for example :class:`Tester`.

If this module is run, it will perform a series of unit tests. 

import sys, string, operator

from calibre.utils.pyparsing import Keyword, Group, Forward, CharsNotIn, Suppress, \
                      OneOrMore, oneOf, CaselessLiteral, Optional, NoMatch

00025 class SearchQueryParser(object):
    Parses a search query. 
    A search query consists of tokens. The tokens can be combined using
    the `or`, `and` and `not` operators as well as grouped using parentheses. 
    When no operator is specified between two tokens, `and` is assumed.
    Each token is a string of the form `location:query`. `location` is a string
    from :member:`LOCATIONS`. It is optional. If it is omitted, it is assumed to 
    be `all`. `query` is an arbitrary string that must not contain parentheses. 
    If it contains whitespace, it should be quoted by enclosing it in `"` marks.
      * `Asimov` [search for the string "Asimov" in location `all`]
      * `comments:"This is a good book"` [search for "This is a good book" in `comments`]
      * `author:Asimov tag:unread` [search for books by Asimov that have been tagged as unread]
      * `author:Asimov or author:Hardy` [search for books by Asimov or Hardy]
      * `(author:Asimov or author:Hardy) and not tag:read` [search for unread books by Asimov or Hardy] 
    def run_tests(parser, result, tests):
        failed = []
        for test in tests:
            print '\tTesting:', test[0], 
            res = parser.parseString(test[0])
            if list(res.get(result, None)) == test[1]:
                print 'OK'
                print 'FAILED:', 'Expected:', test[1], 'Got:', list(res.get(result, None))
        return failed
    def __init__(self, test=False):
        self._tests_failed = False
        # Define a token
        locations = map(lambda x : CaselessLiteral(x)+Suppress(':'),
        location = NoMatch()
        for l in locations:
            location |= l
        location     = Optional(location, default='all')
        word_query   = CharsNotIn(string.whitespace + '()')
        quoted_query = Suppress('"')+CharsNotIn('"')+Suppress('"')
        query        = quoted_query | word_query
        Token        = Group(location + query).setResultsName('token')

        if test:
            print 'Testing Token parser:'
            failed = SearchQueryParser.run_tests(Token, 'token',
                 ('tag:asd',           ['tag', 'asd']),
                 ('ddsä',              ['all', 'ddsä']),
                 ('"one two"',         ['all', 'one two']),
                 ('title:"one two"',   ['title', 'one two']),
        Or = Forward()
        Parenthesis = Group(
                        Suppress('(') + Or + Suppress(')')
                        ).setResultsName('parenthesis') | Token
        Not = Forward()
        Not << (Group(
            Suppress(Keyword("not", caseless=True)) + Not
        ).setResultsName("not") | Parenthesis)
        And = Forward()
        And << (Group(
            Not + Suppress(Keyword("and", caseless=True)) + And
        ).setResultsName("and") | Group(
            Not + OneOrMore(~oneOf("and or") + And)
        ).setResultsName("and") | Not)
        Or << (Group(
            And + Suppress(Keyword("or", caseless=True)) + Or
        ).setResultsName("or") | And)
        if test:
            self._tests_failed = bool(failed)
        self._parser = Or
    def parse(self, query):
        res = self._parser.parseString(query)[0]
        return self.evaluate(res)
    def method(self, group_name):
        return getattr(self, 'evaluate_'+group_name)
    def evaluate(self, parse_result):
        return self.method(parse_result.getName())(parse_result)
    def evaluate_and(self, argument):
        return self.evaluate(argument[0]).intersection(self.evaluate(argument[1]))

    def evaluate_or(self, argument):
        return self.evaluate(argument[0]).union(self.evaluate(argument[1]))

    def evaluate_not(self, argument):
        return self.universal_set().difference(self.evaluate(argument[0]))

    def evaluate_parenthesis(self, argument):
        return self.evaluate(argument[0])
    def evaluate_token(self, argument):
        return self.get_matches(argument[0], argument[1])
00157     def get_matches(self, location, query):
        Should return the set of matches for :param:'location` and :param:`query`. 
        :param:`location` is one of the items in :member:`SearchQueryParser.LOCATIONS`.
        :param:`query` is a string literal.        
        return set([])
00166     def universal_set(self):
        Should return the set of all matches.
        return set([])
class Tester(SearchQueryParser):
    texts = {
 1: [u'Eugenie Grandet', u'Honor\xe9 de Balzac', u'manybooks.net', u'lrf'],
 2: [u'Fanny Hill', u'John Cleland', u'manybooks.net', u'lrf'],
 3: [u'Persuasion', u'Jane Austen', u'manybooks.net', u'lrf'],
 4: [u'Psmith, Journalist', u'P. G. Wodehouse', u'Some Publisher', u'lrf'],
 5: [u'The Complete Works of William Shakespeare',
     u'William Shakespeare',
 6: [u'The History of England, Volume I',
     u'David Hume',
 7: [u'Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town',
     u'Cory Doctorow',
     u'Tor Books',
 8: [u'Stalky and Co.', u'Rudyard Kipling', u'manybooks.net', u'lrf'],
 9: [u'A Game of Thrones', u'George R. R. Martin', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 10: [u'A Clash of Kings', u'George R. R. Martin', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 11: [u'A Storm of Swords', u'George R. R. Martin', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 12: [u'Biggles - Pioneer Air Fighter', u'W. E. Johns', None, u'lrf,rtf'],
 13: [u'Biggles of the Camel Squadron',
      u'W. E. Johns',
      u'London:Thames, (1977)',
 14: [u'A Feast for Crows', u'George R. R. Martin', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 15: [u'Cryptonomicon', u'Neal Stephenson', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 16: [u'Quicksilver', u'Neal Stephenson', None, u'lrf,zip'],
 17: [u'The Comedies of William Shakespeare',
      u'William Shakespeare',
 18: [u'The Histories of William Shakespeare',
      u'William Shakespeare',
 19: [u'The Tragedies of William Shakespeare',
      u'William Shakespeare',
 20: [u'An Ideal Husband', u'Oscar Wilde', u'manybooks.net', u'lrf'],
 21: [u'Flight of the Nighthawks', u'Raymond E. Feist', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 22: [u'Into a Dark Realm', u'Raymond E. Feist', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 23: [u'The Sundering', u'Walter Jon Williams', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 24: [u'The Praxis', u'Walter Jon Williams', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 25: [u'Conventions of War', u'Walter Jon Williams', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 26: [u'Banewreaker', u'Jacqueline Carey', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 27: [u'Godslayer', u'Jacqueline Carey', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 28: [u"Kushiel's Scion", u'Jacqueline Carey', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 29: [u'Underworld', u'Don DeLillo', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 30: [u'Genghis Khan and The Making of the Modern World',
      u'Jack Weatherford',
      u'Three Rivers Press',
 31: [u'The Best and the Brightest',
      u'David Halberstam',
      u'Modern Library',
 32: [u'The Killer Angels', u'Michael Shaara', None, u'html,lrf'],
 33: [u'Band Of Brothers', u'Stephen E Ambrose', None, u'lrf,txt'],
 34: [u'The Gates of Rome', u'Conn Iggulden', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 35: [u'The Death of Kings', u'Conn Iggulden', u'Bantam Dell', u'lit,lrf'],
 36: [u'The Field of Swords', u'Conn Iggulden', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 37: [u'Masterman Ready', u'Marryat, Captain Frederick', None, u'lrf'],
 38: [u'With the Lightnings',
      u'David Drake',
      u'Baen Publishing Enterprises',
 39: [u'Lt. Leary, Commanding',
      u'David Drake',
      u'Baen Publishing Enterprises',
 40: [u'The Far Side of The Stars',
      u'David Drake',
      u'Baen Publishing Enterprises',
 41: [u'The Way to Glory',
      u'David Drake',
      u'Baen Publishing Enterprises',
 42: [u'Some Golden Harbor', u'David Drake', u'Baen Books', u'lrf,rar'],
 43: [u'Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince',
      u'J. K. Rowling',
 44: [u'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix',
      u'J. K. Rowling',
 45: [u'The Stars at War', u'David Weber , Steve White', None, u'lrf,rtf'],
 46: [u'The Stars at War II',
      u'Steve White',
      u'Baen Publishing Enterprises',
 47: [u'Exodus', u'Steve White,Shirley Meier', u'Baen Books', u'lrf,rar'],
 48: [u'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire',
      u'J. K. Rowling',
 49: [u'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban',
      u'J. K. Rowling',
 50: [u'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets',
      u'J. K. Rowling',
 51: [u'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows',
      u'J.K. Rowling',
 52: [u"His Majesty's Dragon", u'Naomi Novik', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 53: [u'Throne of Jade', u'Naomi Novik', u'Del Rey', u'lit,lrf'],
 54: [u'Black Powder War', u'Naomi Novik', u'Del Rey', u'lrf,rar'],
 55: [u'War and Peace', u'Leo Tolstoy', u'gutenberg.org', u'lrf,txt'],
 56: [u'Anna Karenina', u'Leo Tolstoy', u'gutenberg.org', u'lrf,txt'],
 57: [u'A Shorter History of Rome',
      u'Eugene Lawrence,Sir William Smith',
 58: [u'The Name of the Rose', u'Umberto Eco', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 71: [u"Wind Rider's Oath", u'David Weber', u'Baen', u'lrf'],
 74: [u'Rally Cry', u'William R Forstchen', None, u'htm,lrf'],
 86: [u'Empire of Ivory', u'Naomi Novik', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 87: [u"Renegade's Magic", u'Robin Hobb', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 89: [u'Master and commander',
      u"Patrick O'Brian",
 91: [u'A Companion to Wolves',
      u'Sarah Monette,Elizabeth Beär',
 92: [u'The Lions of al-Rassan', u'Guy Gavriel Kay', u'Eos', u'lit,lrf'],
 93: [u'Gardens of the Moon', u'Steven Erikson', u'Tor Fantasy', u'lit,lrf'],
 95: [u'The Master and Margarita',
      u'Mikhail Bulgakov',
      u'N.Y. : Knopf, 1992.',
 120: [u'Deadhouse Gates',
       u'Steven Erikson',
       u'London : Bantam Books, 2001.',
 121: [u'Memories of Ice', u'Steven Erikson', u'Bantam Books', u'lit,lrf'],
 123: [u'House of Chains', u'Steven Erikson', u'Bantam Books', u'lit,lrf'],
 125: [u'Midnight Tides', u'Steven Erikson', u'Bantam Books', u'lit,lrf'],
 126: [u'The Bonehunters', u'Steven Erikson', u'Bantam Press', u'lit,lrf'],
 129: [u'Guns, germs, and steel: the fates of human societies',
       u'Jared Diamond',
       u'New York : W.W. Norton, c1997.',
 136: [u'Wildcards', u'George R. R. Martin', None, u'html,lrf'],
 138: [u'Off Armageddon Reef', u'David Weber', u'Tor Books', u'lit,lrf'],
 144: [u'Atonement',
       u'Ian McEwan',
       u'New York : Nan A. Talese/Doubleday, 2002.',
 146: [u'1632', u'Eric Flint', u'Baen Books', u'lit,lrf'],
 147: [u'1633', u'David Weber,Eric Flint,Dru Blair', u'Baen', u'lit,lrf'],
 148: [u'1634: The Baltic War',
       u'David Weber,Eric Flint',
 150: [u'The Dragonbone Chair', u'Tad Williams', u'DAW Trade', u'lrf,rtf'],
 152: [u'The Little Book That Beats the Market',
       u'Joel Greenblatt',
 153: [u'Pride of Carthage', u'David Anthony Durham', u'Anchor', u'lit,lrf'],
 154: [u'Stone of farewell',
       u'Tad Williams',
       u'New York : DAW Books, 1990.',
 166: [u'American Gods', u'Neil Gaiman', u'HarperTorch', u'lit,lrf'],
 176: [u'Pillars of the Earth',
       u'Ken Follett',
       u'New American Library',
 182: [u'The Eye of the world',
       u'Robert Jordan',
       u'New York : T. Doherty Associates, c1990.',
 188: [u'The Great Hunt', u'Robert Jordan', u'ATOM', u'lrf,zip'],
 189: [u'The Dragon Reborn', u'Robert Jordan', None, u'lit,lrf'],
 190: [u'The Shadow Rising', u'Robert Jordan', None, u'lit,lrf'],
 191: [u'The Fires of Heaven',
       u'Robert Jordan',
       u'Time Warner Books Uk',
 216: [u'Lord of chaos',
       u'Robert Jordan',
       u'New York : TOR, c1994.',
 217: [u'A Crown of Swords', u'Robert Jordan', None, u'lit,lrf'],
 236: [u'The Path of Daggers', u'Robert Jordan', None, u'lit,lrf'],
 238: [u'The Client',
       u'John Grisham',
       u'New York : Island, 1994, c1993.',
 240: [u"Winter's Heart", u'Robert Jordan', None, u'lit,lrf'],
 242: [u'In the Beginning was the Command Line',
       u'Neal Stephenson',
 249: [u'Crossroads of Twilight', u'Robert Jordan', None, u'lit,lrf'],
 251: [u'Caves of Steel', u'Isaac Asimov', u'Del Rey', u'lrf,zip'],
 253: [u"Hunter's Run",
       u'George R. R. Martin,Gardner Dozois,Daniel Abraham',
 257: [u'Knife of Dreams', u'Robert Jordan', None, u'lit,lrf'],
 258: [u'Saturday',
       u'Ian McEwan',
       u'London : Jonathan Cape, 2005.',
 259: [u'My name is Red',
       u'Orhan Pamuk; translated from the Turkish by Erda\u011f G\xf6knar',
       u'New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2001.',
 265: [u'Harbinger', u'David Mack', u'Star Trek', u'lit,lrf'],
 267: [u'Summon the Thunder',
       u'Dayton Ward,Kevin Dilmore',
       u'Pocket Books',
 268: [u'Shalimar the Clown',
       u'Salman Rushdie',
       u'New York : Random House, 2005.',
 269: [u'Reap the Whirlwind', u'David Mack', u'Star Trek', u'lit,lrf'],
 272: [u'Mistborn', u'Brandon Sanderson', u'Tor Fantasy', u'lrf,rar'],
 273: [u'The Thousandfold Thought',
       u'R. Scott Bakker',
       u'Overlook TP',
 276: [u'Elantris',
       u'Brandon Sanderson',
       u'New York : Tor, 2005.',
 291: [u'Sundiver',
       u'David Brin',
       u'New York : Bantam Books, 1995.',
 299: [u'Imperium', u'Robert Harris', u'Arrow', u'lrf,rar'],
 300: [u'Startide Rising', u'David Brin', u'Bantam', u'htm,lrf'],
 301: [u'The Uplift War', u'David Brin', u'Spectra', u'lit,lrf'],
 304: [u'Brightness Reef', u'David Brin', u'Orbit', u'lrf,rar'],
 305: [u"Infinity's Shore", u'David Brin', u'Spectra', u'txt'],
 306: [u"Heaven's Reach", u'David Brin', u'Spectra', u'lrf,rar'],
 325: [u"Foundation's Triumph", u'David Brin', u'Easton Press', u'lit,lrf'],
 327: [u'I am Charlotte Simmons', u'Tom Wolfe', u'Vintage', u'htm,lrf'],
 335: [u'The Currents of Space', u'Isaac Asimov', None, u'lit,lrf'],
 340: [u'The Other Boleyn Girl',
       u'Philippa Gregory',
 341: [u"Old Man's War", u'John Scalzi', u'Tor', u'htm,lrf'],
 342: [u'The Ghost Brigades',
       u'John Scalzi',
       u'Tor Science Fiction',
 343: [u'The Last Colony', u'John Scalzi', u'Tor Books', u'html,lrf'],
 344: [u'Gossip Girl', u'Cecily von Ziegesar', u'Warner Books', u'lrf,rtf'],
 347: [u'Little Brother', u'Cory Doctorow', u'Tor Teen', u'lrf'],
 348: [u'The Reality Dysfunction',
       u'Peter F. Hamilton',
       u'Pan MacMillan',
 353: [u'A Thousand Splendid Suns',
       u'Khaled Hosseini',
       u'Center Point Large Print',
 354: [u'Amsterdam', u'Ian McEwan', u'Anchor', u'lrf,txt'],
 355: [u'The Neutronium Alchemist',
       u'Peter F. Hamilton',
 356: [u'The Naked God', u'Peter F. Hamilton', u'Aspect', u'lit,lrf'],
 421: [u'A Shadow in Summer', u'Daniel Abraham', u'Tor Fantasy', u'lrf,rar'],
 427: [u'Lonesome Dove', u'Larry McMurtry', None, u'lit,lrf'],
 440: [u'Ghost', u'John Ringo', u'Baen', u'lit,lrf'],
 441: [u'Kildar', u'John Ringo', u'Baen', u'lit,lrf'],
 443: [u'Hidden Empire ', u'Kevin J. Anderson', u'Aspect', u'lrf,rar'],
 444: [u'The Gun Seller',
       u'Hugh Laurie',
       u'Washington Square Press',
    tests = {
             'Dysfunction' : set([348]),
             'title:Dysfunction' : set([348]),
             'title:Dysfunction or author:Laurie': set([348, 444]),
             '(tag:txt or tag:pdf)': set([33, 258, 354, 305, 242, 51, 55, 56, 154]),
             '(tag:txt or tag:pdf) and author:Tolstoy': set([55, 56]),
             'Tolstoy txt': set([55, 56]),
             'Hamilton Amsterdam' : set([]),
             u'Beär' : set([91]),
             'dysfunc or tolstoy': set([348, 55, 56]),
             'tag:txt and not tolstoy': set([33, 258, 354, 305, 242, 154]),
             'not tag:lrf' : set([305]),
             'london:thames': set([13]),
             'publisher:london:thames': set([13]),
             '"(1977)"': set([13]),
    fields = {'title':0, 'author':1, 'publisher':2, 'tag':3}
    _universal_set = set(texts.keys())
    def universal_set(self):
        return self._universal_set
    def get_matches(self, location, query):
        location = location.lower()
        if location in self.fields.keys():
            getter = operator.itemgetter(self.fields[location])
        elif location == 'all':
            getter = lambda y: ''.join(x if x else '' for x in y)
            getter = lambda x: ''
        if not query:
            return set([])    
        query = query.lower()
        return set(key for key, val in self.texts.items() \
            if query and query in getattr(getter(val), 'lower', lambda : '')())
    def run_tests(self):
        failed = []
        for query in self.tests.keys():
            print 'Testing query:', query, 
            res = self.parse(query)
            if res != self.tests[query]:
                print 'FAILED', 'Expected:', self.tests[query], 'Got:', res
                print 'OK'
        return failed

def main(args=sys.argv):
    tester = Tester(test=True)
    failed = tester.run_tests()
    if tester._tests_failed or failed:
        print '>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tests Failed <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<'
        return 1
    return 0

if __name__ == '__main__':

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