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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

__license__ = 'GPL 3'
__copyright__ = '2009, John Schember <john@nachtimwald.com>'
__docformat__ = 'restructuredtext en'

Convert OEB ebook format to PDF.

import glob
import os

from calibre.customize.conversion import OutputFormatPlugin, \
from calibre.ebooks.metadata.opf2 import OPF
from calibre.ptempfile import TemporaryDirectory
from calibre.ebooks.pdf.writer import PDFWriter, ImagePDFWriter, PDFMetadata, \
from calibre.ebooks.pdf.pageoptions import UNITS, PAPER_SIZES, \
from calibre.ebooks.epub.output import CoverManager

class CoverManagerPDF(CoverManager):

    def setup_cover(self, opts):
        width, height = get_pdf_page_size(opts)
        factor = opts.output_profile.dpi
        self.NONSVG_TITLEPAGE_COVER = '''\
        <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en">
                <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
                <meta name="calibre:cover" content="true" />
                <style type="text/css" title="override_css">
                    @page {padding: 0pt; margin:0pt}
                    body { text-align: center; padding:0pt; margin: 0pt; }
                    div { padding:0pt; margin: 0pt; }
                    <img src="%%s" alt="cover" width="%d" height="%d" />
        '''%(int(width*factor), int(height*factor)-5)

class PDFOutput(OutputFormatPlugin, CoverManagerPDF):

    name = 'PDF Output'
    author = 'John Schember'
    file_type = 'pdf'

    options = set([
                    OptionRecommendation(name='unit', recommended_value='inch',
                        level=OptionRecommendation.LOW, short_switch='u', choices=UNITS.keys(),
                        help=_('The unit of measure. Default is inch. Choices '
                        'are %s '
                        'Note: This does not override the unit for margins!') % UNITS.keys()),
                    OptionRecommendation(name='paper_size', recommended_value='letter',
                        level=OptionRecommendation.LOW, choices=PAPER_SIZES.keys(),
                        help=_('The size of the paper. This size will be overridden when an '
                        'output profile is used. Default is letter. Choices '
                        'are %s') % PAPER_SIZES.keys()),
                    OptionRecommendation(name='custom_size', recommended_value=None,
                        help=_('Custom size of the document. Use the form widthxheight '
                        'EG. `123x321` to specify the width and height. '
                        'This overrides any specified paper-size.')),
                    OptionRecommendation(name='orientation', recommended_value='portrait',
                        level=OptionRecommendation.LOW, choices=ORIENTATIONS.keys(),
                        help=_('The orientation of the page. Default is portrait. Choices '
                        'are %s') % ORIENTATIONS.keys()),

    def convert(self, oeb_book, output_path, input_plugin, opts, log):
        self.oeb = oeb_book
        self.input_plugin, self.opts, self.log = input_plugin, opts, log
        self.output_path = output_path
        self.metadata = oeb_book.metadata

        if input_plugin.is_image_collection:
            log.debug('Converting input as an image collection...')
            log.debug('Converting input as a text based book...')

    def convert_images(self, images):
        self.write(ImagePDFWriter, images)

    def convert_text(self, oeb_book):
        self.log.debug('Serializing oeb input to disk for processing...')
        self.opts.no_svg_cover = True
        self.opts.no_default_epub_cover = True
        with TemporaryDirectory('_pdf_out') as oeb_dir:
            from calibre.customize.ui import plugin_for_output_format
            oeb_output = plugin_for_output_format('oeb')
            oeb_output.convert(oeb_book, oeb_dir, self.input_plugin, self.opts, self.log)

            opfpath = glob.glob(os.path.join(oeb_dir, '*.opf'))[0]
            opf = OPF(opfpath, os.path.dirname(opfpath))

            self.write(PDFWriter, [s.path for s in opf.spine])

    def write(self, Writer, items):
        writer = Writer(self.opts, self.log)

        close = False
        if not hasattr(self.output_path, 'write'):
            close = True
            if not os.path.exists(os.path.dirname(self.output_path)) and os.path.dirname(self.output_path) != '':
            out_stream = open(self.output_path, 'wb')
            out_stream = self.output_path

        self.log.debug('Rendering pages to PDF...')
        writer.dump(items, out_stream, PDFMetadata(self.metadata))

        if close:

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