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#!/usr/bin/env  python
# encoding: utf-8
__license__   = 'GPL v3'
__copyright__ = '2008, Kovid Goyal kovid@kovidgoyal.net'
__docformat__ = 'restructuredtext en'

A parser for search queries with a syntax very similar to that used by
the Google search engine.

For details on the search query syntax see :class:`SearchQueryParser`.
To use the parser, subclass :class:`SearchQueryParser` and implement the
methods :method:`SearchQueryParser.universal_set` and
:method:`SearchQueryParser.get_matches`. See for example :class:`Tester`.

If this module is run, it will perform a series of unit tests.

import sys, string, operator

from calibre.utils.pyparsing import Keyword, Group, Forward, CharsNotIn, Suppress, \
                      OneOrMore, oneOf, CaselessLiteral, Optional, NoMatch, ParseException
from calibre.constants import preferred_encoding
from calibre.utils.config import prefs

This class manages access to the preference holding the saved search queries.
It exists to ensure that unicode is used throughout, and also to permit
adding other fields, such as whether the search is a 'favorite'
class SavedSearchQueries(object):
    queries = {}
    opt_name = ''

    def __init__(self, _opt_name):
        self.opt_name = _opt_name;
        self.queries = prefs[self.opt_name]

    def force_unicode(self, x):
        if not isinstance(x, unicode):
            x = x.decode(preferred_encoding, 'replace')
        return x

    def add(self, name, value):
        self.queries[self.force_unicode(name)] = self.force_unicode(value).strip()
        prefs[self.opt_name] = self.queries

    def lookup(self, name):
        return self.queries.get(self.force_unicode(name), None)

    def delete(self, name):
        self.queries.pop(self.force_unicode(name), False)
        prefs[self.opt_name] = self.queries

    def names(self):
        return sorted(self.queries.keys(),
                cmp=lambda x,y: cmp(x.lower(), y.lower()))

Create a global instance of the saved searches. It is global so that the searches
are common across all instances of the parser (devices, library, etc).
saved_searches = SavedSearchQueries('saved_searches')

00067 class SearchQueryParser(object):
    Parses a search query.

    A search query consists of tokens. The tokens can be combined using
    the `or`, `and` and `not` operators as well as grouped using parentheses.
    When no operator is specified between two tokens, `and` is assumed.

    Each token is a string of the form `location:query`. `location` is a string
    from :member:`LOCATIONS`. It is optional. If it is omitted, it is assumed to
    be `all`. `query` is an arbitrary string that must not contain parentheses.
    If it contains whitespace, it should be quoted by enclosing it in `"` marks.


      * `Asimov` [search for the string "Asimov" in location `all`]
      * `comments:"This is a good book"` [search for "This is a good book" in `comments`]
      * `author:Asimov tag:unread` [search for books by Asimov that have been tagged as unread]
      * `author:Asimov or author:Hardy` [search for books by Asimov or Hardy]
      * `(author:Asimov or author:Hardy) and not tag:read` [search for unread books by Asimov or Hardy]


    def run_tests(parser, result, tests):
        failed = []
        for test in tests:
            print '\tTesting:', test[0],
            res = parser.parseString(test[0])
            if list(res.get(result, None)) == test[1]:
                print 'OK'
                print 'FAILED:', 'Expected:', test[1], 'Got:', list(res.get(result, None))
        return failed

    def __init__(self, test=False):
        self._tests_failed = False
        # Define a token
        locations = map(lambda x : CaselessLiteral(x)+Suppress(':'),
        location = NoMatch()
        for l in locations:
            location |= l
        location     = Optional(location, default='all')
        word_query   = CharsNotIn(string.whitespace + '()')
        quoted_query = Suppress('"')+CharsNotIn('"')+Suppress('"')
        query        = quoted_query | word_query
        Token        = Group(location + query).setResultsName('token')

        if test:
            print 'Testing Token parser:'
            failed = SearchQueryParser.run_tests(Token, 'token',
                 ('tag:asd',           ['tag', 'asd']),
                 ('ddsä',              ['all', 'ddsä']),
                 ('"one two"',         ['all', 'one two']),
                 ('title:"one two"',   ['title', 'one two']),

        Or = Forward()

        Parenthesis = Group(
                        Suppress('(') + Or + Suppress(')')
                        ).setResultsName('parenthesis') | Token

        Not = Forward()
        Not << (Group(
            Suppress(Keyword("not", caseless=True)) + Not
        ).setResultsName("not") | Parenthesis)

        And = Forward()
        And << (Group(
            Not + Suppress(Keyword("and", caseless=True)) + And
        ).setResultsName("and") | Group(
            Not + OneOrMore(~oneOf("and or", caseless=True) + And)
        ).setResultsName("and") | Not)

        Or << (Group(
            And + Suppress(Keyword("or", caseless=True)) + Or
        ).setResultsName("or") | And)

        if test:
            self._tests_failed = bool(failed)

        self._parser = Or

    def parse(self, query):
        # empty the list of searches used for recursion testing
        self.searches_seen = set([])
        return self._parse(query)

    # this parse is used internally because it doesn't clear the
    # recursive search test list
    def _parse(self, query):
        res = self._parser.parseString(query)[0]
        return self.evaluate(res)

    def method(self, group_name):
        return getattr(self, 'evaluate_'+group_name)

    def evaluate(self, parse_result):
        return self.method(parse_result.getName())(parse_result)

    def evaluate_and(self, argument):
        return self.evaluate(argument[0]).intersection(self.evaluate(argument[1]))

    def evaluate_or(self, argument):
        return self.evaluate(argument[0]).union(self.evaluate(argument[1]))

    def evaluate_not(self, argument):
        return self.universal_set().difference(self.evaluate(argument[0]))

    def evaluate_parenthesis(self, argument):
        return self.evaluate(argument[0])

    def evaluate_token(self, argument):
        location = argument[0]
        query = argument[1]
        if location.lower() == 'search':
            # print "looking for named search " + query
            if query.startswith('='):
                query = query[1:]
                if query in self.searches_seen:
                    raise ParseException(query, len(query), 'undefined saved search', self)
                return self._parse(saved_searches.lookup(query))
            except: # convert all exceptions (e.g., missing key) to a parse error
                raise ParseException(query, len(query), 'undefined saved search', self)
        return self.get_matches(location, query)

00222     def get_matches(self, location, query):
        Should return the set of matches for :param:'location` and :param:`query`.

        :param:`location` is one of the items in :member:`SearchQueryParser.LOCATIONS`.
        :param:`query` is a string literal.
        return set([])

00231     def universal_set(self):
        Should return the set of all matches.
        return set([])

class Tester(SearchQueryParser):

    texts = {
 1: [u'Eugenie Grandet', u'Honor\xe9 de Balzac', u'manybooks.net', u'lrf'],
 2: [u'Fanny Hill', u'John Cleland', u'manybooks.net', u'lrf'],
 3: [u'Persuasion', u'Jane Austen', u'manybooks.net', u'lrf'],
 4: [u'Psmith, Journalist', u'P. G. Wodehouse', u'Some Publisher', u'lrf'],
 5: [u'The Complete Works of William Shakespeare',
     u'William Shakespeare',
 6: [u'The History of England, Volume I',
     u'David Hume',
 7: [u'Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town',
     u'Cory Doctorow',
     u'Tor Books',
 8: [u'Stalky and Co.', u'Rudyard Kipling', u'manybooks.net', u'lrf'],
 9: [u'A Game of Thrones', u'George R. R. Martin', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 10: [u'A Clash of Kings', u'George R. R. Martin', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 11: [u'A Storm of Swords', u'George R. R. Martin', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 12: [u'Biggles - Pioneer Air Fighter', u'W. E. Johns', None, u'lrf,rtf'],
 13: [u'Biggles of the Camel Squadron',
      u'W. E. Johns',
      u'London:Thames, (1977)',
 14: [u'A Feast for Crows', u'George R. R. Martin', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 15: [u'Cryptonomicon', u'Neal Stephenson', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 16: [u'Quicksilver', u'Neal Stephenson', None, u'lrf,zip'],
 17: [u'The Comedies of William Shakespeare',
      u'William Shakespeare',
 18: [u'The Histories of William Shakespeare',
      u'William Shakespeare',
 19: [u'The Tragedies of William Shakespeare',
      u'William Shakespeare',
 20: [u'An Ideal Husband', u'Oscar Wilde', u'manybooks.net', u'lrf'],
 21: [u'Flight of the Nighthawks', u'Raymond E. Feist', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 22: [u'Into a Dark Realm', u'Raymond E. Feist', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 23: [u'The Sundering', u'Walter Jon Williams', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 24: [u'The Praxis', u'Walter Jon Williams', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 25: [u'Conventions of War', u'Walter Jon Williams', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 26: [u'Banewreaker', u'Jacqueline Carey', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 27: [u'Godslayer', u'Jacqueline Carey', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 28: [u"Kushiel's Scion", u'Jacqueline Carey', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 29: [u'Underworld', u'Don DeLillo', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 30: [u'Genghis Khan and The Making of the Modern World',
      u'Jack Weatherford',
      u'Three Rivers Press',
 31: [u'The Best and the Brightest',
      u'David Halberstam',
      u'Modern Library',
 32: [u'The Killer Angels', u'Michael Shaara', None, u'html,lrf'],
 33: [u'Band Of Brothers', u'Stephen E Ambrose', None, u'lrf,txt'],
 34: [u'The Gates of Rome', u'Conn Iggulden', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 35: [u'The Death of Kings', u'Conn Iggulden', u'Bantam Dell', u'lit,lrf'],
 36: [u'The Field of Swords', u'Conn Iggulden', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 37: [u'Masterman Ready', u'Marryat, Captain Frederick', None, u'lrf'],
 38: [u'With the Lightnings',
      u'David Drake',
      u'Baen Publishing Enterprises',
 39: [u'Lt. Leary, Commanding',
      u'David Drake',
      u'Baen Publishing Enterprises',
 40: [u'The Far Side of The Stars',
      u'David Drake',
      u'Baen Publishing Enterprises',
 41: [u'The Way to Glory',
      u'David Drake',
      u'Baen Publishing Enterprises',
 42: [u'Some Golden Harbor', u'David Drake', u'Baen Books', u'lrf,rar'],
 43: [u'Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince',
      u'J. K. Rowling',
 44: [u'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix',
      u'J. K. Rowling',
 45: [u'The Stars at War', u'David Weber , Steve White', None, u'lrf,rtf'],
 46: [u'The Stars at War II',
      u'Steve White',
      u'Baen Publishing Enterprises',
 47: [u'Exodus', u'Steve White,Shirley Meier', u'Baen Books', u'lrf,rar'],
 48: [u'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire',
      u'J. K. Rowling',
 49: [u'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban',
      u'J. K. Rowling',
 50: [u'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets',
      u'J. K. Rowling',
 51: [u'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows',
      u'J.K. Rowling',
 52: [u"His Majesty's Dragon", u'Naomi Novik', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 53: [u'Throne of Jade', u'Naomi Novik', u'Del Rey', u'lit,lrf'],
 54: [u'Black Powder War', u'Naomi Novik', u'Del Rey', u'lrf,rar'],
 55: [u'War and Peace', u'Leo Tolstoy', u'gutenberg.org', u'lrf,txt'],
 56: [u'Anna Karenina', u'Leo Tolstoy', u'gutenberg.org', u'lrf,txt'],
 57: [u'A Shorter History of Rome',
      u'Eugene Lawrence,Sir William Smith',
 58: [u'The Name of the Rose', u'Umberto Eco', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 71: [u"Wind Rider's Oath", u'David Weber', u'Baen', u'lrf'],
 74: [u'Rally Cry', u'William R Forstchen', None, u'htm,lrf'],
 86: [u'Empire of Ivory', u'Naomi Novik', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 87: [u"Renegade's Magic", u'Robin Hobb', None, u'lrf,rar'],
 89: [u'Master and commander',
      u"Patrick O'Brian",
 91: [u'A Companion to Wolves',
      u'Sarah Monette,Elizabeth Beär',
 92: [u'The Lions of al-Rassan', u'Guy Gavriel Kay', u'Eos', u'lit,lrf'],
 93: [u'Gardens of the Moon', u'Steven Erikson', u'Tor Fantasy', u'lit,lrf'],
 95: [u'The Master and Margarita',
      u'Mikhail Bulgakov',
      u'N.Y. : Knopf, 1992.',
 120: [u'Deadhouse Gates',
       u'Steven Erikson',
       u'London : Bantam Books, 2001.',
 121: [u'Memories of Ice', u'Steven Erikson', u'Bantam Books', u'lit,lrf'],
 123: [u'House of Chains', u'Steven Erikson', u'Bantam Books', u'lit,lrf'],
 125: [u'Midnight Tides', u'Steven Erikson', u'Bantam Books', u'lit,lrf'],
 126: [u'The Bonehunters', u'Steven Erikson', u'Bantam Press', u'lit,lrf'],
 129: [u'Guns, germs, and steel: the fates of human societies',
       u'Jared Diamond',
       u'New York : W.W. Norton, c1997.',
 136: [u'Wildcards', u'George R. R. Martin', None, u'html,lrf'],
 138: [u'Off Armageddon Reef', u'David Weber', u'Tor Books', u'lit,lrf'],
 144: [u'Atonement',
       u'Ian McEwan',
       u'New York : Nan A. Talese/Doubleday, 2002.',
 146: [u'1632', u'Eric Flint', u'Baen Books', u'lit,lrf'],
 147: [u'1633', u'David Weber,Eric Flint,Dru Blair', u'Baen', u'lit,lrf'],
 148: [u'1634: The Baltic War',
       u'David Weber,Eric Flint',
 150: [u'The Dragonbone Chair', u'Tad Williams', u'DAW Trade', u'lrf,rtf'],
 152: [u'The Little Book That Beats the Market',
       u'Joel Greenblatt',
 153: [u'Pride of Carthage', u'David Anthony Durham', u'Anchor', u'lit,lrf'],
 154: [u'Stone of farewell',
       u'Tad Williams',
       u'New York : DAW Books, 1990.',
 166: [u'American Gods', u'Neil Gaiman', u'HarperTorch', u'lit,lrf'],
 176: [u'Pillars of the Earth',
       u'Ken Follett',
       u'New American Library',
 182: [u'The Eye of the world',
       u'Robert Jordan',
       u'New York : T. Doherty Associates, c1990.',
 188: [u'The Great Hunt', u'Robert Jordan', u'ATOM', u'lrf,zip'],
 189: [u'The Dragon Reborn', u'Robert Jordan', None, u'lit,lrf'],
 190: [u'The Shadow Rising', u'Robert Jordan', None, u'lit,lrf'],
 191: [u'The Fires of Heaven',
       u'Robert Jordan',
       u'Time Warner Books Uk',
 216: [u'Lord of chaos',
       u'Robert Jordan',
       u'New York : TOR, c1994.',
 217: [u'A Crown of Swords', u'Robert Jordan', None, u'lit,lrf'],
 236: [u'The Path of Daggers', u'Robert Jordan', None, u'lit,lrf'],
 238: [u'The Client',
       u'John Grisham',
       u'New York : Island, 1994, c1993.',
 240: [u"Winter's Heart", u'Robert Jordan', None, u'lit,lrf'],
 242: [u'In the Beginning was the Command Line',
       u'Neal Stephenson',
 249: [u'Crossroads of Twilight', u'Robert Jordan', None, u'lit,lrf'],
 251: [u'Caves of Steel', u'Isaac Asimov', u'Del Rey', u'lrf,zip'],
 253: [u"Hunter's Run",
       u'George R. R. Martin,Gardner Dozois,Daniel Abraham',
 257: [u'Knife of Dreams', u'Robert Jordan', None, u'lit,lrf'],
 258: [u'Saturday',
       u'Ian McEwan',
       u'London : Jonathan Cape, 2005.',
 259: [u'My name is Red',
       u'Orhan Pamuk; translated from the Turkish by Erda\u011f G\xf6knar',
       u'New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2001.',
 265: [u'Harbinger', u'David Mack', u'Star Trek', u'lit,lrf'],
 267: [u'Summon the Thunder',
       u'Dayton Ward,Kevin Dilmore',
       u'Pocket Books',
 268: [u'Shalimar the Clown',
       u'Salman Rushdie',
       u'New York : Random House, 2005.',
 269: [u'Reap the Whirlwind', u'David Mack', u'Star Trek', u'lit,lrf'],
 272: [u'Mistborn', u'Brandon Sanderson', u'Tor Fantasy', u'lrf,rar'],
 273: [u'The Thousandfold Thought',
       u'R. Scott Bakker',
       u'Overlook TP',
 276: [u'Elantris',
       u'Brandon Sanderson',
       u'New York : Tor, 2005.',
 291: [u'Sundiver',
       u'David Brin',
       u'New York : Bantam Books, 1995.',
 299: [u'Imperium', u'Robert Harris', u'Arrow', u'lrf,rar'],
 300: [u'Startide Rising', u'David Brin', u'Bantam', u'htm,lrf'],
 301: [u'The Uplift War', u'David Brin', u'Spectra', u'lit,lrf'],
 304: [u'Brightness Reef', u'David Brin', u'Orbit', u'lrf,rar'],
 305: [u"Infinity's Shore", u'David Brin', u'Spectra', u'txt'],
 306: [u"Heaven's Reach", u'David Brin', u'Spectra', u'lrf,rar'],
 325: [u"Foundation's Triumph", u'David Brin', u'Easton Press', u'lit,lrf'],
 327: [u'I am Charlotte Simmons', u'Tom Wolfe', u'Vintage', u'htm,lrf'],
 335: [u'The Currents of Space', u'Isaac Asimov', None, u'lit,lrf'],
 340: [u'The Other Boleyn Girl',
       u'Philippa Gregory',
 341: [u"Old Man's War", u'John Scalzi', u'Tor', u'htm,lrf'],
 342: [u'The Ghost Brigades',
       u'John Scalzi',
       u'Tor Science Fiction',
 343: [u'The Last Colony', u'John Scalzi', u'Tor Books', u'html,lrf'],
 344: [u'Gossip Girl', u'Cecily von Ziegesar', u'Warner Books', u'lrf,rtf'],
 347: [u'Little Brother', u'Cory Doctorow', u'Tor Teen', u'lrf'],
 348: [u'The Reality Dysfunction',
       u'Peter F. Hamilton',
       u'Pan MacMillan',
 353: [u'A Thousand Splendid Suns',
       u'Khaled Hosseini',
       u'Center Point Large Print',
 354: [u'Amsterdam', u'Ian McEwan', u'Anchor', u'lrf,txt'],
 355: [u'The Neutronium Alchemist',
       u'Peter F. Hamilton',
 356: [u'The Naked God', u'Peter F. Hamilton', u'Aspect', u'lit,lrf'],
 421: [u'A Shadow in Summer', u'Daniel Abraham', u'Tor Fantasy', u'lrf,rar'],
 427: [u'Lonesome Dove', u'Larry McMurtry', None, u'lit,lrf'],
 440: [u'Ghost', u'John Ringo', u'Baen', u'lit,lrf'],
 441: [u'Kildar', u'John Ringo', u'Baen', u'lit,lrf'],
 443: [u'Hidden Empire ', u'Kevin J. Anderson', u'Aspect', u'lrf,rar'],
 444: [u'The Gun Seller',
       u'Hugh Laurie',
       u'Washington Square Press',

    tests = {
             'Dysfunction' : set([348]),
             'title:Dysfunction' : set([348]),
             'title:Dysfunction OR author:Laurie': set([348, 444]),
             '(tag:txt or tag:pdf)': set([33, 258, 354, 305, 242, 51, 55, 56, 154]),
             '(tag:txt OR tag:pdf) and author:Tolstoy': set([55, 56]),
             'Tolstoy txt': set([55, 56]),
             'Hamilton Amsterdam' : set([]),
             u'Beär' : set([91]),
             'dysfunc or tolstoy': set([348, 55, 56]),
             'tag:txt AND NOT tolstoy': set([33, 258, 354, 305, 242, 154]),
             'not tag:lrf' : set([305]),
             'london:thames': set([13]),
             'publisher:london:thames': set([13]),
             '"(1977)"': set([13]),
    fields = {'title':0, 'author':1, 'publisher':2, 'tag':3}

    _universal_set = set(texts.keys())

    def universal_set(self):
        return self._universal_set

    def get_matches(self, location, query):
        location = location.lower()
        if location in self.fields.keys():
            getter = operator.itemgetter(self.fields[location])
        elif location == 'all':
            getter = lambda y: ''.join(x if x else '' for x in y)
            getter = lambda x: ''

        if not query:
            return set([])
        query = query.lower()
        return set(key for key, val in self.texts.items() \
            if query and query in getattr(getter(val), 'lower', lambda : '')())

    def run_tests(self):
        failed = []
        for query in self.tests.keys():
            print 'Testing query:', query,
            res = self.parse(query)
            if res != self.tests[query]:
                print 'FAILED', 'Expected:', self.tests[query], 'Got:', res
                print 'OK'
        return failed

def main(args=sys.argv):
    tester = Tester(test=True)
    failed = tester.run_tests()
    if tester._tests_failed or failed:
        print '>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tests Failed <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<'
        return 1

    return 0

if __name__ == '__main__':

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