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calibre::ebooks::rtf2xml::paragraphs::Paragraphs Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Write paragraph tags for a tokenized file. (This module won't be any use to use
to you unless you use it as part of the other modules.)
RTF does not tell you when a paragraph begins. It only tells you when the
paragraph ends.
In order to make paragraphs out of this limited info, the parser starts in the
body of the documents and assumes it is not in a paragraph. It looks for clues
to begin a paragraph. Text starts a paragraph; so does an inline field or
list-text. If an end of paragraph marker (\par) is found, then this indicates
a blank paragraph.
Once a paragraph is found, the state changes to 'paragraph.' In this state,
clues are looked to for the end of a paragraph. The end of a paragraph marker
(\par) marks the end of a paragraph. So does the end of a footnote or heading;
a paragraph definintion; the end of a field-block; and the beginning of a
section. (How about the end of a section or the end of a field-block?)

Definition at line 20 of file paragraphs.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def make_paragraphs

Private Member Functions

def __before_body_func
def __bogus_para__def_func
def __close_para_func
def __empty_para_func
def __empty_pgbk_func
def __initiate_values
def __not_paragraph_func
def __paragraph_func
def __start_para_func

Private Attributes

 'cw<pf<par-def___' : self.__close_para_func, # paragraph definition 'mi<mk<fld-bk-end' : self.__close_para_func, # end of field-block

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