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__license__   = 'GPL v3'
__copyright__ = '2008, Kovid Goyal <kovid at kovidgoyal.net>'
""" The GUI """
import os, sys, Queue, threading
from threading import RLock
from urllib import unquote

from PyQt4.Qt import QVariant, QFileInfo, QObject, SIGNAL, QBuffer, Qt, \
                         QByteArray, QTranslator, QCoreApplication, QThread, \
                         QEvent, QTimer, pyqtSignal, QDate, QDesktopServices, \
                         QFileDialog, QMessageBox, QPixmap, QFileIconProvider, \
                         QIcon, QApplication, QDialog, QPushButton, QUrl

ORG_NAME = 'KovidsBrain'
APP_UID  = 'libprs500'
from calibre.constants import islinux, iswindows, isosx, isfreebsd, isfrozen
from calibre.utils.config import Config, ConfigProxy, dynamic, JSONConfig
from calibre.utils.localization import set_qt_translator
from calibre.ebooks.metadata.meta import get_metadata, metadata_from_formats
from calibre.ebooks.metadata import MetaInformation
from calibre.utils.date import UNDEFINED_DATE

# Setup gprefs {{{
gprefs = JSONConfig('gui')

gprefs.defaults['action-layout-toolbar'] = (
        'Add Books', 'Edit Metadata', None, 'Convert Books', 'View', None,
        'Choose Library', 'Donate', None, 'Fetch News', 'Save To Disk',
        'Connect Share', None, 'Remove Books', None, 'Help', 'Preferences',

gprefs.defaults['action-layout-toolbar-device'] = (
        'Add Books', 'Edit Metadata', None, 'Convert Books', 'View',
        'Send To Device', None, None, 'Location Manager', None, None,
        'Fetch News', 'Save To Disk', 'Connect Share', None,
        'Remove Books', None, 'Help', 'Preferences',

gprefs.defaults['action-layout-context-menu'] = (
        'Edit Metadata', 'Send To Device', 'Save To Disk',
        'Connect Share', 'Copy To Library', None,
        'Convert Books', 'View', 'Open Folder', 'Show Book Details',
        'Similar Books', 'Tweak ePub', None, 'Remove Books',

gprefs.defaults['action-layout-context-menu-device'] = (
        'View', 'Save To Disk', None, 'Remove Books', None,
        'Add To Library', 'Edit Collections',

gprefs.defaults['show_splash_screen'] = True
gprefs.defaults['toolbar_icon_size'] = 'medium'
gprefs.defaults['toolbar_text'] = 'auto'
gprefs.defaults['show_child_bar'] = False

# }}}

NONE = QVariant() #: Null value to return from the data function of item models

ALL_COLUMNS = ['title', 'ondevice', 'authors', 'size', 'timestamp', 'rating', 'publisher',
        'tags', 'series', 'pubdate']

def _config():
    c = Config('gui', 'preferences for the calibre GUI')
    c.add_opt('send_to_storage_card_by_default', default=False,
              help=_('Send file to storage card instead of main memory by default'))
    c.add_opt('confirm_delete', default=False,
              help=_('Confirm before deleting'))
    c.add_opt('main_window_geometry', default=None,
              help=_('Main window geometry')) # value QVariant.toByteArray
    c.add_opt('new_version_notification', default=True,
              help=_('Notify when a new version is available'))
    c.add_opt('use_roman_numerals_for_series_number', default=True,
              help=_('Use Roman numerals for series number'))
    c.add_opt('sort_tags_by', default='name',
              help=_('Sort tags list by name, popularity, or rating'))
    c.add_opt('cover_flow_queue_length', default=6,
              help=_('Number of covers to show in the cover browsing mode'))
    c.add_opt('LRF_conversion_defaults', default=[],
              help=_('Defaults for conversion to LRF'))
    c.add_opt('LRF_ebook_viewer_options', default=None,
              help=_('Options for the LRF ebook viewer'))
    c.add_opt('internally_viewed_formats', default=['LRF', 'EPUB', 'LIT',
        'MOBI', 'PRC', 'HTML', 'FB2', 'PDB', 'RB'],
              help=_('Formats that are viewed using the internal viewer'))
    c.add_opt('column_map', default=ALL_COLUMNS,
              help=_('Columns to be displayed in the book list'))
    c.add_opt('autolaunch_server', default=False, help=_('Automatically launch content server on application startup'))
    c.add_opt('oldest_news', default=60, help=_('Oldest news kept in database'))
    c.add_opt('systray_icon', default=False, help=_('Show system tray icon'))
    c.add_opt('upload_news_to_device', default=True,
              help=_('Upload downloaded news to device'))
    c.add_opt('delete_news_from_library_on_upload', default=False,
              help=_('Delete books from library after uploading to device'))
    c.add_opt('separate_cover_flow', default=False,
              help=_('Show the cover flow in a separate window instead of in the main calibre window'))
    c.add_opt('disable_tray_notification', default=False,
              help=_('Disable notifications from the system tray icon'))
    c.add_opt('default_send_to_device_action', default=None,
            help=_('Default action to perform when send to device button is '
    c.add_opt('asked_library_thing_password', default=False,
            help='Asked library thing password at least once.')
    c.add_opt('search_as_you_type', default=True,
            help='Start searching as you type. If this is disabled then search will '
            'only take place when the Enter or Return key is pressed.')
    c.add_opt('save_to_disk_template_history', default=[],
        help='Previously used Save to Disk templates')
    c.add_opt('send_to_device_template_history', default=[],
        help='Previously used Send to Device templates')
    c.add_opt('main_search_history', default=[],
        help='Search history for the main GUI')
    c.add_opt('viewer_search_history', default=[],
        help='Search history for the ebook viewer')
    c.add_opt('lrf_viewer_search_history', default=[],
        help='Search history for the LRF viewer')
    c.add_opt('scheduler_search_history', default=[],
        help='Search history for the recipe scheduler')
    c.add_opt('worker_limit', default=6,
            help=_('Maximum number of waiting worker processes'))
    c.add_opt('get_social_metadata', default=True,
            help=_('Download social metadata (tags/rating/etc.)'))
    c.add_opt('overwrite_author_title_metadata', default=True,
            help=_('Overwrite author and title with new metadata'))
    c.add_opt('enforce_cpu_limit', default=True,
            help=_('Limit max simultaneous jobs to number of CPUs'))
    c.add_opt('tag_browser_hidden_categories', default=set(),
            help=_('tag browser categories not to display'))
    c.add_opt('gui_layout', choices=['wide', 'narrow'],
            help=_('The layout of the user interface'), default='wide')
    c.add_opt('show_avg_rating', default=True,
            help=_('Show the average rating per item indication in the tag browser'))
    c.add_opt('disable_animations', default=False,
            help=_('Disable UI animations'))
    return ConfigProxy(c)

config = _config()
# Turn off DeprecationWarnings in windows GUI
if iswindows:
    import warnings
    warnings.simplefilter('ignore', DeprecationWarning)

def available_heights():
    desktop  = QCoreApplication.instance().desktop()
    return map(lambda x: x.height(), map(desktop.availableGeometry, range(desktop.numScreens())))

def available_height():
    desktop  = QCoreApplication.instance().desktop()
    return desktop.availableGeometry().height()

def max_available_height():
    return max(available_heights())

def min_available_height():
    return min(available_heights())

def available_width():
    desktop       = QCoreApplication.instance().desktop()
    return desktop.availableGeometry().width()

_is_widescreen = None

def is_widescreen():
    global _is_widescreen
    if _is_widescreen is None:
            _is_widescreen = float(available_width())/available_height() > 1.4
            _is_widescreen = False
    return _is_widescreen

def extension(path):
    return os.path.splitext(path)[1][1:].lower()

class CopyButton(QPushButton):

    ACTION_KEYS = [Qt.Key_Enter, Qt.Key_Return, Qt.Key_Space]

    def copied(self):

    def keyPressEvent(self, ev):
            if ev.key() in self.ACTION_KEYS:
        QPushButton.keyPressEvent(self, ev)

    def keyReleaseEvent(self, ev):
            if ev.key() in self.ACTION_KEYS:
        QPushButton.keyReleaseEvent(self, ev)

    def mouseReleaseEvent(self, ev):

class MessageBox(QMessageBox):

    def __init__(self, type_, title, msg, buttons, parent, det_msg=''):
        QMessageBox.__init__(self, type_, title, msg, buttons, parent)
        self.title = title
        self.msg = msg
        self.det_msg = det_msg
        # Cannot set keyboard shortcut as the event is not easy to filter
        self.cb = CopyButton(_('Copy') if isosx else _('Copy to Clipboard'))
        self.connect(self.cb, SIGNAL('copy()'), self.copy_to_clipboard)
        self.addButton(self.cb, QMessageBox.ActionRole)
        default_button = self.button(self.Ok)
        if default_button is None:
            default_button = self.button(self.Yes)
        if default_button is not None:

    def copy_to_clipboard(self):
        QApplication.clipboard().setText('%s: %s\n\n%s' %
                (self.title, self.msg, self.det_msg))

def warning_dialog(parent, title, msg, det_msg='', show=False,
    d = MessageBox(QMessageBox.Warning, 'WARNING: '+title, msg, QMessageBox.Ok,
                    parent, det_msg)
    if not show_copy_button:
    if show:
        return d.exec_()
    return d

def error_dialog(parent, title, msg, det_msg='', show=False,
    d = MessageBox(QMessageBox.Critical, 'ERROR: '+title, msg, QMessageBox.Ok,
                    parent, det_msg)
    if not show_copy_button:
    if show:
        return d.exec_()
    return d

def question_dialog(parent, title, msg, det_msg='', show_copy_button=True,
        buttons=QMessageBox.Yes|QMessageBox.No, yes_button=QMessageBox.Yes):
    d = MessageBox(QMessageBox.Question, title, msg, buttons,
                    parent, det_msg)
    if not show_copy_button:

    return d.exec_() == yes_button

def info_dialog(parent, title, msg, det_msg='', show=False):
    d = MessageBox(QMessageBox.Information, title, msg, QMessageBox.Ok,
                    parent, det_msg)
    if show:
        return d.exec_()
    return d

00277 class Dispatcher(QObject):
    Convenience class to use Qt signals with arbitrary python callables.
    By default, ensures that a function call always happens in the
    thread this Dispatcher was created in.
    dispatch_signal = pyqtSignal(object, object)

    def __init__(self, func, queued=True, parent=None):
        QObject.__init__(self, parent)
        self.func = func
        typ = Qt.QueuedConnection
        if not queued:
            typ = Qt.AutoConnection if queued is None else Qt.DirectConnection
        self.dispatch_signal.connect(self.dispatch, type=typ)

    def __call__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        self.dispatch_signal.emit(args, kwargs)

    def dispatch(self, args, kwargs):
        self.func(*args, **kwargs)

00299 class FunctionDispatcher(QObject):
    Convenience class to use Qt signals with arbitrary python functions.
    By default, ensures that a function call always happens in the
    thread this Dispatcher was created in.
    dispatch_signal = pyqtSignal(object, object, object)

    def __init__(self, func, queued=True, parent=None):
        QObject.__init__(self, parent)
        self.func = func
        typ = Qt.QueuedConnection
        if not queued:
            typ = Qt.AutoConnection if queued is None else Qt.DirectConnection
        self.dispatch_signal.connect(self.dispatch, type=typ)
        self.q = Queue.Queue()
        self.lock = threading.Lock()

    def __call__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        with self.lock:
            self.dispatch_signal.emit(self.q, args, kwargs)
            res = self.q.get()
        return res

    def dispatch(self, q, args, kwargs):
            res = self.func(*args, **kwargs)
            res = None

00330 class GetMetadata(QObject):
    Convenience class to ensure that metadata readers are used only in the
    GUI thread. Must be instantiated in the GUI thread.

    def __init__(self):
        self.connect(self, SIGNAL('edispatch(PyQt_PyObject, PyQt_PyObject, PyQt_PyObject)'),
                     self._get_metadata, Qt.QueuedConnection)
        self.connect(self, SIGNAL('idispatch(PyQt_PyObject, PyQt_PyObject, PyQt_PyObject)'),
                     self._from_formats, Qt.QueuedConnection)

    def __call__(self, id, *args, **kwargs):
        self.emit(SIGNAL('edispatch(PyQt_PyObject, PyQt_PyObject, PyQt_PyObject)'),
                  id, args, kwargs)

    def from_formats(self, id, *args, **kwargs):
        self.emit(SIGNAL('idispatch(PyQt_PyObject, PyQt_PyObject, PyQt_PyObject)'),
                  id, args, kwargs)

    def _from_formats(self, id, args, kwargs):
            mi = metadata_from_formats(*args, **kwargs)
            mi = MetaInformation('', [_('Unknown')])
        self.emit(SIGNAL('metadataf(PyQt_PyObject, PyQt_PyObject)'), id, mi)

    def _get_metadata(self, id, args, kwargs):
            mi = get_metadata(*args, **kwargs)
            mi = MetaInformation('', [_('Unknown')])
        self.emit(SIGNAL('metadata(PyQt_PyObject, PyQt_PyObject)'), id, mi)

class FileIconProvider(QFileIconProvider):

    ICONS = {
             'default' : 'unknown',
             'dir'     : 'dir',
             'zero'    : 'zero',

             'jpeg'    : 'jpeg',
             'jpg'     : 'jpeg',
             'gif'     : 'gif',
             'png'     : 'png',
             'bmp'     : 'bmp',
             'svg'     : 'svg',
             'html'    : 'html',
             'htm'     : 'html',
             'xhtml'   : 'html',
             'xhtm'    : 'html',
             'lit'     : 'lit',
             'lrf'     : 'lrf',
             'lrx'     : 'lrx',
             'pdf'     : 'pdf',
             'pdr'     : 'zero',
             'rar'     : 'rar',
             'zip'     : 'zip',
             'txt'     : 'txt',
             'prc'     : 'mobi',
             'azw'     : 'mobi',
             'mobi'    : 'mobi',
             'mbp'     : 'zero',
             'azw1'    : 'mobi',
             'tpz'     : 'mobi',
             'tan'     : 'zero',
             'epub'    : 'epub',
             'fb2'     : 'fb2',
             'rtf'     : 'rtf',
             'odt'     : 'odt',
             'snb'     : 'snb',

    def __init__(self):
        self.icons = {}
        for key in self.__class__.ICONS.keys():
            self.icons[key] = I('mimetypes/')+self.__class__.ICONS[key]+'.png'
        for i in ('dir', 'default', 'zero'):
            self.icons[i] = QIcon(self.icons[i])

    def key_from_ext(self, ext):
        key = ext if ext in self.icons.keys() else 'default'
        if key == 'default' and ext.count('.') > 0:
            ext = ext.rpartition('.')[2]
            key = ext if ext in self.icons.keys() else 'default'
        return key

    def cached_icon(self, key):
        candidate = self.icons[key]
        if isinstance(candidate, QIcon):
            return candidate
        icon = QIcon(candidate)
        self.icons[key] = icon
        return icon

    def icon_from_ext(self, ext):
        key = self.key_from_ext(ext.lower() if ext else '')
        return self.cached_icon(key)

    def load_icon(self, fileinfo):
        key = 'default'
        icons = self.icons
        if fileinfo.isSymLink():
            if not fileinfo.exists():
                return icons['zero']
            fileinfo = QFileInfo(fileinfo.readLink())
        if fileinfo.isDir():
            key = 'dir'
            ext = unicode(fileinfo.completeSuffix()).lower()
            key = self.key_from_ext(ext)
        return self.cached_icon(key)

    def icon(self, arg):
        if isinstance(arg, QFileInfo):
            return self.load_icon(arg)
        if arg == QFileIconProvider.Folder:
            return self.icons['dir']
        if arg == QFileIconProvider.File:
            return self.icons['default']
        return QFileIconProvider.icon(self, arg)

_file_icon_provider = None
def initialize_file_icon_provider():
    global _file_icon_provider
    if _file_icon_provider is None:
        _file_icon_provider = FileIconProvider()

def file_icon_provider():
    global _file_icon_provider
    return _file_icon_provider

class FileDialog(QObject):
    def __init__(self, title=_('Choose Files'),
                       modal = True,
                       name = '',
                       mode = QFileDialog.ExistingFiles,
        ftext = ''
        if filters:
            for filter in filters:
                text, extensions = filter
                extensions = ['*'+(i if i.startswith('.') else '.'+i) for i in
                ftext += '%s (%s);;'%(text, ' '.join(extensions))
        if add_all_files_filter or not ftext:
            ftext += 'All files (*)'
        if ftext.endswith(';;'):
            ftext = ftext[:-2]

        self.dialog_name = name if name else 'dialog_' + title
        self.selected_files = None
        self.fd = None

        initial_dir = dynamic.get(self.dialog_name,
        if not isinstance(initial_dir, basestring):
            initial_dir = os.path.expanduser(default_dir)
        self.selected_files = []
        if mode == QFileDialog.AnyFile:
            f = unicode(QFileDialog.getSaveFileName(parent, title, initial_dir, ftext, ""))
            if f and os.path.exists(f):
        elif mode == QFileDialog.ExistingFile:
            f = unicode(QFileDialog.getOpenFileName(parent, title, initial_dir, ftext, ""))
            if f and os.path.exists(f):
        elif mode == QFileDialog.ExistingFiles:
            fs = QFileDialog.getOpenFileNames(parent, title, initial_dir, ftext, "")
            for f in fs:
                f = unicode(f)
                if not f: continue
                if not os.path.exists(f):
                    # QFileDialog for some reason quotes spaces
                    # on linux if there is more than one space in a row
                    f = unquote(f)
                if f and os.path.exists(f):
            opts = QFileDialog.ShowDirsOnly if mode == QFileDialog.Directory else QFileDialog.Option()
            f = unicode(QFileDialog.getExistingDirectory(parent, title, initial_dir, opts))
            if os.path.exists(f):
        if self.selected_files:
            self.selected_files = [unicode(q) for q in self.selected_files]
            saved_loc = self.selected_files[0]
            if os.path.isfile(saved_loc):
                saved_loc = os.path.dirname(saved_loc)
            dynamic[self.dialog_name] = saved_loc
        self.accepted = bool(self.selected_files)

    def get_files(self):
        if self.selected_files is None:
            return tuple(os.path.abspath(unicode(i)) for i in self.fd.selectedFiles())
        return tuple(self.selected_files)

def choose_dir(window, name, title, default_dir='~'):
    fd = FileDialog(title=title, filters=[], add_all_files_filter=False,
            parent=window, name=name, mode=QFileDialog.Directory,
    dir = fd.get_files()
    if dir:
        return dir[0]

def choose_files(window, name, title,
                 filters=[], all_files=True, select_only_single_file=False):
    Ask user to choose a bunch of files.
    @param name: Unique dialog name used to store the opened directory
    @param title: Title to show in dialogs titlebar
    @param filters: list of allowable extensions. Each element of the list
                     must be a 2-tuple with first element a string describing
                     the type of files to be filtered and second element a list
                     of extensions.
    @param all_files: If True add All files to filters.
    @param select_only_single_file: If True only one file can be selected
    mode = QFileDialog.ExistingFile if select_only_single_file else QFileDialog.ExistingFiles
    fd = FileDialog(title=title, name=name, filters=filters,
                    parent=window, add_all_files_filter=all_files, mode=mode,
    if fd.accepted:
        return fd.get_files()
    return None

def choose_images(window, name, title, select_only_single_file=True):
    mode = QFileDialog.ExistingFile if select_only_single_file else QFileDialog.ExistingFiles
    fd = FileDialog(title=title, name=name,
                    filters=[('Images', ['png', 'gif', 'jpeg', 'jpg', 'svg'])],
                    parent=window, add_all_files_filter=False, mode=mode,
    if fd.accepted:
        return fd.get_files()
    return None

def pixmap_to_data(pixmap, format='JPEG'):
    Return the QPixmap pixmap as a string saved in the specified format.
    ba = QByteArray()
    buf = QBuffer(ba)
    pixmap.save(buf, format)
    return bytes(ba.data())

class ResizableDialog(QDialog):

    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        QDialog.__init__(self, *args)
        nh, nw = min_available_height()-25, available_width()-10
        if nh < 0:
            nh = 800
        if nw < 0:
            nw = 600
        nh = min(self.height(), nh)
        nw = min(self.width(), nw)
        self.resize(nw, nh)

gui_thread = None

qt_app = None
class Application(QApplication):

    def __init__(self, args):
        qargs = [i.encode('utf-8') if isinstance(i, unicode) else i for i in args]
        QApplication.__init__(self, qargs)
        self.file_event_hook = None
        global gui_thread, qt_app
        gui_thread = QThread.currentThread()
        self._translator = None
        qt_app = self
        self._file_open_paths = []
        self._file_open_lock = RLock()

    def _send_file_open_events(self):
        with self._file_open_lock:
            if self._file_open_paths:
                self._file_open_paths = []

    def load_translations(self):
        if self._translator is not None:
        self._translator = QTranslator(self)
        if set_qt_translator(self._translator):

    def event(self, e):
        if callable(self.file_event_hook) and e.type() == QEvent.FileOpen:
            path = unicode(e.file())
            if os.access(path, os.R_OK):
                with self._file_open_lock:
                QTimer.singleShot(1000, self._send_file_open_events)
            return True
            return QApplication.event(self, e)

_store_app = None

def open_url(qurl):
    paths = os.environ.get('LD_LIBRARY_PATH',
    paths = [x for x in paths if x]
    if isfrozen and islinux and paths:
        npaths = [x for x in paths if x != sys.frozen_path]
        os.environ['LD_LIBRARY_PATH'] = os.pathsep.join(npaths)
    if isfrozen and islinux and paths:
        os.environ['LD_LIBRARY_PATH'] = os.pathsep.join(paths)

def open_local_file(path):
    if iswindows:
        url = QUrl.fromLocalFile(path)

def is_ok_to_use_qt():
    global gui_thread, _store_app
    if (islinux or isfreebsd) and ':' not in os.environ.get('DISPLAY', ''):
        return False
    if _store_app is None and QApplication.instance() is None:
        _store_app = QApplication([])
    if gui_thread is None:
        gui_thread = QThread.currentThread()
    return gui_thread is QThread.currentThread()

def is_gui_thread():
    global gui_thread
    return gui_thread is QThread.currentThread()

def find_forms(srcdir):
    base = os.path.join(srcdir, 'calibre', 'gui2')
    forms = []
    for root, _, files in os.walk(base):
        for name in files:
            if name.endswith('.ui'):
                forms.append(os.path.abspath(os.path.join(root, name)))

    return forms

def form_to_compiled_form(form):
    return form.rpartition('.')[0]+'_ui.py'

def build_forms(srcdir, info=None):
    import re, cStringIO
    from PyQt4.uic import compileUi
    forms = find_forms(srcdir)
    if info is None:
        from calibre import prints
        info = prints
    pat = re.compile(r'''(['"]):/images/([^'"]+)\1''')
    def sub(match):
        ans = 'I(%s%s%s)'%(match.group(1), match.group(2), match.group(1))
        return ans

    for form in forms:
        compiled_form = form_to_compiled_form(form)
        if not os.path.exists(compiled_form) or os.stat(form).st_mtime > os.stat(compiled_form).st_mtime:
            info('\tCompiling form', form)
            buf = cStringIO.StringIO()
            compileUi(form, buf)
            dat = buf.getvalue()
            dat = dat.replace('__appname__', 'calibre')
            dat = dat.replace('import images_rc', '')
            dat = dat.replace('from library import', 'from calibre.gui2.library import')
            dat = dat.replace('from widgets import', 'from calibre.gui2.widgets import')
            dat = dat.replace('from convert.xpath_wizard import',
                'from calibre.gui2.convert.xpath_wizard import')
            dat = re.compile(r'QtGui.QApplication.translate\(.+?,\s+"(.+?)(?<!\\)",.+?\)', re.DOTALL).sub(r'_("\1")', dat)
            dat = dat.replace('_("MMM yyyy")', '"MMM yyyy"')
            dat = pat.sub(sub, dat)
            dat = dat.replace('from QtWebKit.QWebView import QWebView',
                    'from PyQt4 import QtWebKit\nfrom PyQt4.QtWebKit import QWebView')

            if form.endswith('viewer%smain.ui'%os.sep):
                info('\t\tPromoting WebView')
                dat = dat.replace('self.view = QtWebKit.QWebView(', 'self.view = DocumentView(')
                dat = dat.replace('self.view = QWebView(', 'self.view = DocumentView(')
                dat += '\n\nfrom calibre.gui2.viewer.documentview import DocumentView'

            open(compiled_form, 'wb').write(dat)

_df = os.environ.get('CALIBRE_DEVELOP_FROM', None)
if _df and os.path.exists(_df):

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