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from __future__ import with_statement
__license__ = 'GPL 3'
__copyright__ = '2009, Kovid Goyal <kovid@kovidgoyal.net>'
__docformat__ = 'restructuredtext en'

import os, re

from lxml import etree

from calibre.customize.conversion import OutputFormatPlugin
from calibre import CurrentDir
from calibre.customize.conversion import OptionRecommendation

from urllib import unquote

class OEBOutput(OutputFormatPlugin):

    name = 'OEB Output'
    author = 'Kovid Goyal'
    file_type = 'oeb'

    recommendations = set([('pretty_print', True, OptionRecommendation.HIGH)])

    def convert(self, oeb_book, output_path, input_plugin, opts, log):
        self.log, self.opts = log, opts
        if not os.path.exists(output_path):
        from calibre.ebooks.oeb.base import OPF_MIME, NCX_MIME, PAGE_MAP_MIME
        with CurrentDir(output_path):
            results = oeb_book.to_opf2(page_map=True)
            for key in (OPF_MIME, NCX_MIME, PAGE_MAP_MIME):
                href, root = results.pop(key, [None, None])
                if root is not None:
                    raw = etree.tostring(root, pretty_print=True,
                            encoding='utf-8', xml_declaration=True)
                    if key == OPF_MIME:
                        # Needed as I can't get lxml to output opf:role and
                        # not output <opf:metadata> as well
                        raw = re.sub(r'(<[/]{0,1})opf:', r'\1', raw)
                    with open(href, 'wb') as f:

            for item in oeb_book.manifest:
                path = os.path.abspath(unquote(item.href))
                dir = os.path.dirname(path)
                if not os.path.exists(dir):
                with open(path, 'wb') as f:

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